How to Wear Burgundy


How to Wear Burgundy


How to Wear Burgundy

Just because burgundy tends to be a colour that is most often chosen for school and work uniforms, it doesn’t mean that you should be put off wearing it. Burgundy is set to be very fashionable this autumn/winter, as it has been for the past few years, so you don’t want to let your silly worries be the reason for why you are missing out on a colour that could look great on you and that is also ultra stylish all year round, but especially during the autumn and winter.

how to wear burgundy
Whether it's lipstick shades you're trying or clothes, burgundy is the shade that makes a statement and looks classy like red, but is always easier to wear. Wearing red can be a little bit more difficult, as can orange, yet burgundy is that happy balance of sophisticated but cosy. There are many different shades of red, which makes choosing the right red lipstick or wearing it as part of your outfit a little tricky. Some people suit orange reds, whereas other people suit cooler reds such as a blue or purple red. For more information on understand which colours suit you best, check out my virtual colour analysis consultation. Burgundy is so much easier to get right but it's often a shade that people forget about. So allow me to show you how you can inject a little colour into your wardrobe effortlessly with these simple tips.

How to Wear Burgundy

The colour burgundy is a great versatile colour in the way that it suits men, women and children of all skin colours and ages so it really is a universal colour that you should try to get used to. The key with burgundy is to pay special attention to the fit of the garment and/or the materials from which it is made.
If you are going to wear a baggier piece of clothing then make sure that it is made from a nice, attractive material that will not go out of fashion. Materials such as wool, cashmere or denim work best, as these never really go out of fashion. For trousers and skirts, you should stick to something fitted, such as a pencil skirt, leggings or slim fit jeans or trousers.
If you are still a little dubious about wearing burgundy then try out a burgundy accessory first, such as a handbag, lipstick, shoes or nail polish in burgundy.