How to Dress Your Age When You're Petite


How to Dress Your Age When You're Petite


How to Dress Your Age When You're Petite


How to Dress Your Age When You're Petite

Sick of getting mistaken for a teenager? How many times have people come up to you and asked where your parents are even though you are old enough to be a parent yourself? Tired of being asked for your student card? Read on to learn how to dress in a stylish and sophisticated way as a petite lady!


There are so many advantages to being a petite woman, such as:

• You can alter your height as and when you like, enjoying the option of being shorter or taller with the help of heels.
• You can enjoy getting yourself a bargain when shopping in the sales, because you’re not the “standard” height.
• You will always look very feminine.
• You suit almost any item of clothing (provided that it’s the right fit and style).
• And, you can enjoy looking younger for longer.
The latter doubles up as one of the pros and cons of being slightly shorter in height. Whilst it is great to remain looking youthful for longer, there are of course cases when you do not want to look like a teenager!
One of the main misconceptions about dressing for your age and dressing to look more sophisticated is that you have to wear heels – this is not always the case. The key to dressing to look older and more sophisticated so that you do not get mistaken for a child is to dress in a simple but more sophisticated way.
So what does this mean?
There are certain styles and patterns that are often considered as “younger/teen” types of prints. You should avoid making these mistakes and wearing any of these items if you want to appear older when you dress.

Here is what you should avoid:

• Loud prints
• Bold slogans
• Skinny jeans
• Leggings
• Baggy clothing
• Anything with a hood
• Jeans or leggings tucked into knee length boots
• Bright colours
• Neon colours
• Trainers
• Bomber jackets

Here is a list of items that are perfect if you want to look older and smarter when dressing, or if you simply don’t want to be mistaken for a teenager:

• Straight leg or bootleg jeans
• Ankle boots
• A tailored style handbag
• Cardigans with delicate button detail
• Pointed toe shoes
• Rich, more expensive looking colours, such as burgundy, light grey, cream, black and white.
• Trench coats
• Blazers
• Plainer clothing with little to no pattern
• A gold or silver watch
• A cross-body bag (worn as a clutch or on one shoulder)
• Shirts and blouses
• Pencil skirts
Below are three examples of looks that do not require wearing heels but are sophisticated looks that will give you a smarter, more elegant appearance.
How to Dress Your Age
How to Dress Your Age
How to Dress Your Age