Sleep-in Rollers: For Girls Who Love Beauty and their Beauty Sleep


Sleep-in Rollers: For Girls Who Love Beauty and their Beauty Sleep


Sleep-in Rollers: For Girls Who Love Beauty and their Beauty Sleep

Sleep-in Rollers are velcro hair rollers that have been designed to be comfortable for sleeping. They’re super easy to use and when you wake up in the morning, you simply remove the rollers and voila! You have voluminous hair, similar to that of a salon quality blow dry!
Sleep in rollers
I’ve been using Sleep-in Rollers since 2014. I did write a blog post about them shortly after I first started using them, but I wanted to update the post and write a new post about the rollers I use and the range in general. Since I first started using the original Sleep-in Rollers after they were first released, a number of other hair styling products have been released by the Sleep-in Rollers brand. I’ve tried a few of the other products from the brand and I will be discussing those as well.
Sleep in rollers

What Are Sleep-in Rollers?

Sleep-in Rollers is a range of velcro hair rollers that have been specially designed to be comfortable for sleeping. The sets of rollers are available in varying sizes to suit different hair lengths and to help you achieve your desired look. Unlike regular velcro rollers, which are very hard and feel uncomfortable to sleep in, Sleep-in Rollers are soft with a sponge through the middle of the cylinder barrel. This means that when wearing Sleep-in Rollers while asleep, your rollers flatten down against your head, almost acting like an additional pillow. The fact that Sleep-in Rollers are so comfortable to wear and easy to sleep in, means that you're more likely to be able to stand wearing your rollers for longer and therefore achieve better results!
Using the Sleep-in Rollers is simple. All you have to do is wrap small sections of your hair around each roller, grip into place using the hair grips provided in your set and once you've finished, cover your hair using the reusable hair net. In the morning, simply remove the hair net, grips and rollers and you've got beautiful hair on a full night's sleep! If you're using the smaller rollers you'll achieve a tighter curl but if you're using the larger rollers, you're hair will be voluminous and bouncy - like a salon quality blow dry.
Sleep in rollers

My Review of the Sleep-in Rollers

For me, setting my hair in rollers just feels so glamorous. I enjoy the experience of putting the rollers in, seeing my hair in rollers before taking them out to unveil the final result. However, my earliest memories of attempting to wear rollers were centred around the agony of trying to sleep in them. I have never been able to make it through a full night's sleep while wearing standard rollers because I've always woken up half way through the night in absolute agony. Thankfully, these rollers don't disrupt my sleep at all! They're soft and act as a cushion as my head hits the pillow. I'd even go as far as saying that they're actually enjoyable to sleep in!
I've been using these rollers since 2014 and I still love them! I have long, thick, very soft hair, which can be difficult to style, but these rollers work very well. When I first discovered the Sleep-in Rollers brand, I bought two sets of the large velcro rollers and one set of small rollers. The small rollers work well at giving your hair tighter, more defined curls, whereas the standard large velcro rollers are for volume and bounce. My hair is a little too long for the small rollers, so I typically use the large rollers only.
Sleep in rollers

The Sleep-in Rollers Fringe Roller

Another product from the collection that I love is their fringe roller! If you've ever tried wearing hair rollers before and wondered what to do with your fringe then this is the roller you need! The Sleep-in Rollers fringe roller is wider than the other rollers from their collection and therefore fits your entire fringe around the one single roller. Sometimes you have to split your fringe between two rollers which doesn't make your fringe hang very well. The fringe roller is a genius invention. You can't go wrong with it and I often use it when I'm planning on wearing my hair up to because it just gives my fringe a bit of glamorous bounce, rather than looking flat or scruffy. Other products I've tried and recommend are the Girls Night Out set and the clip-in hair piece.
Now that I've switched over to using Sleep-in Rollers, they're the only velcro rollers I use. They work just as well and are just so comfortable and pain-free to wear. You can purchase a set of Sleep-in Rollers here.

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