Stay on Trend with this DIY Tie for Women


Stay on Trend with this DIY Tie for Women


Stay on Trend with this DIY Tie for Women

Stay on trend with this easy DIY tie for women. I've seen lots of simple shirt ties made out of ribbon recently. Go into any high street fashion store and you will see them attached to feminine and floral shirts. However, if you're just looking for the tie without having to pay for the blouse as well, follow this fast and simple tutorial. 

DIY Tie for Women
I went into Zara a couple of months ago and spotted this (above) beautiful floral shirt. The blouse was nice, but the simple black tie that accompanied it was the gamechanger. If you have been following my journey over the past year, you will know that I quit shopping for a year. The project draws to a close in the beginning of May. Throughout this no-shopping challenge, I have been revamping clothing I already own and creating wearable items from everyday materials. This DIY tie for women is incredibly easy to make but will completely transform your plain shirts! 
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DIY tie for women

How to Create a DIY Tie for Women

You will need:

  • Ribbon (any colour) 2.5 centimetres wide
  • Scissors for cutting the ribbon
  • A tape measure (optional)

How to Make this DIY Tie

  1. Take your ribbon. You can use any colour that you like. I chose black because it is most versatile and because I wanted to make a black tie. Decide how long you want your tie to hang. Before you cut the ribbon, hag it loosely around your neck to determine how much you will need to cut. I cut about 1 metre because I wanted a long tie that hangs about 40-50 cm either side. 
  2. Cut the ribbon. Position the ribbon evenly around your collar and tie a knot. I wanted a loose knot so the knot on my tie sits just above my chest. 
  3. Optional step: if your ribbon ends start to fray, simply sew the hems or apply double-side adhesive to cover the fraying hems. 

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What I love about this project is that it's an incredibly fast and simple way of adding effortless interest to a standard shirt or blouse.