With so many people buying footwear online these days, the chance of ending up with a pair of shoes that are too tight for you is quite high! If the situation allows and you are able to return your unwanted or unsuitable purchases then by all means do so. However, in cases where you do not have the chance to return them, if they just need to be stretched out slightly, or perhaps the shoes fit but one of your feet is slightly bigger than the other, you will need to learn how to stretch them out to make them a little bigger/wider.

Today I will be showing you how to repair clothes with fabric patches. Using fabric patches is quick and simple and absolutely anybody can use them! With just a pair of scissors and an iron or hair straightener, you can easily make adjustments to items in your wardrobe that need a little attention. But they’re not just good for fixing holes and covering discolouration, they’re great for other fashion DIY tasks too!

Learning how to knit without needles is fast, fun and just as useful as traditional forms of knitting! I started practising finger knitting at the end of last year and ever since then I have been hooked! It is such a fantastic skill to master and enables you to create a variety of wonderful items. Since starting, I’ve hand knitted two scarves and a beanie hat. Knitting in general has seen a sudden rise in popularity over the past few years, especially among the younger generation. This classic fashion design skill is no longer age-restricted – which I think is fantastic!

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