The 30 Second Winged Eyeliner Trick


The 30 Second Winged Eyeliner Trick


The 30 Second Winged Eyeliner Trick

Want to achieve a simple winged eyeliner look in seconds? This foolproof tool will make it easy for you to perfect a cool cat eye flick every time!
The 30 Second Cat Eyeliner Flick Trick
It’s been along time since I’ve purchased anything make up related. And it has certainly been quite some time since the last time a beauty product has really impressed me. That was until recently when I purchased these amazing eyeliner stamps. You’ve probably seen the advertisements for this seemingly heavenly beauty tool on social media, but admittedly I was quite dubious as to whether or not they actually work. So, I decided to find out.
The 30 Second Cat Eyeliner Flick Trick


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Eyeliner Stamps and Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are considered the most envied type of eyes. Some make up tutorials even teach you how to fake the illusion of a hooded eye. But creating winged eyeliner or a cat eye look when you have hooded eyes is no easy task. I know this to be true because I too have hooded eyes. The extent to which your brow bone conceals your mobile lid varies from person to person. However, one thing is for sure – it will become more obvious as you age. So why is it so difficult to achieve a cat eye flick with eyeliner when you have hooded eyes? Well, usually what happens is that the skin from your brow bone will sit over the flick or part of it when your eyes are open. Unless you’re a well-practiced make up artist or a make obsessive, it is rather difficult to flick out your eyeliner freehand.
There are trusty make up techniques that can make this possible, but I’ve tried them many times and failed. Luckily for anybody with hooded eyes, this eyeliner stamp kit is suitable for all of us and it makes the process quick and simple! All you have to do is position the stamp wherever you want your liner to flick out and then press down. I’d recommend observing your lids and brow bone so that you can better understand where your brow bone is likely to cut through the liner flick in order to avoid positioning the stamp at the wrong angle.
The 30 Second Cat Eyeliner Flick Trick

How Does the Eyeliner Stamp Kit Work?

I have the eyeliner stamp kit that comes with three wing styles. There’s a small subtle flick, a medium flick, and a larger, more dramatic eyeliner flick. You will also need either a gel eyeliner or an eyeliner pen to coat the stamp with eyeliner ink prior to application. I’ve been using my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and drawing the line onto the wing on the stamp. This method has been working well for me. There are three eyeliner wing sizes in my kit: small, medium and large. Simply select the size you wish to wear, coat the stamp in eyeliner and press it onto your skin. It's that simple!
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I love these eyeliner flick stamps. All three stamp sizes are great and I often vary which size I use, depending on the look I want to achieve. This is impossible to get wrong and for that reason, I would highly recommend these eyeliner stamps to everybody from a professional makeup artist to a complete novice! You can purchase these eyeliner stamps here.