7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes


7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes


7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes


Struggling to find the right eyebrow product as a blonde? No matter whether you're looking for the perfect shade to complement your hair colour or your brows are very light, these are 7 of the best brow products for blondes.



Finding decent brow products as a blonde can be difficult. Many products are too dark for your fair brows, whereas others tend to have a warm, reddish undertone in them. Over the past couple of month, we've been trying out a selection of different brow products for blondes and we've discovered some amazing options. Even if you're not naturally blonde and simply have very light eyebrows, these products could help to add colour and definition when needed. We've put together a well rounded list of blonde brow products for different textures and finishes to suit your desired results.


7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes

NYX Brow Pomade

Since Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their revolutionary eyebrow pomade several years ago, pomades have become a very popular eyebrow product. Capable of reshaping your brow shape, drawing individual brow hairs and filling in gaps, eyebrow pomade is incredibly versatile. However, as you probably already know, finding a shade light enough to match your blonde features can be a challenge. While some brands do offer blonde pomades, they often have an orange undertone. The NYX eyebrow pomade in shade blonde is perfect for ashy tones. Although there are other shades in the collection, this particular tone stands out to us for being very light and unusually cool toned.



Maybelline Brow Extensions Crayon

This one wins bonus points because it's very convenient and quick to use. Basically, it's a big, chunky crayon with super fine brow extensions that help to give the illusion of extra eyebrow hairs instead of just a solid colour.  If you prefer thin, defined brows then the Maybelline brow extensions crayon probably isn't the one for you. However, if you love the bushy, overdrawn brow look but want it to look natural then this would be perfect!



7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes

Essence Pomade and Brush Pen

Not only is this a fantastic product, it's also very affordable too. This is an eyebrow pomade and brush all-in-one. At one end you have the ultra thin brush and at the other end there is the pomade. With this product you get all the benefits of a brow pomade, plus you get a decent brush included. The downside of using standard pomade pots is that you have to buy a separate brush to apply the product and often, these brushes can be pricey. Also, if you don't know where to start or if you're ordering online, it can be hard work finding a brush thin enough to produce narrow strokes. The Essence pomade and brush set is great for getting to grips with using brow pomades and It's ideal for travelling too. Just don't forget to clean the brush regularly!


Wet'n'Wild Ultra Thin Retractable Brow Pencil

The Wet'n'Wild ultra slim retractable brow pencil gives great results. Instead of just offering one standard blonde shade, this company offers a couple of light shades in this range. This product is great for those who want to accentuate their natural eyebrow shape, draw lines and for subtly filling in your brows. 


7 of the Best Brow Products for Blondes

Essence Eyebrow Pencils

Two of the best eyebrow pencils for blondes are the Soft Blonde and the Blonde shades by Essence. Again, these are incredibly inexpensive, yet great products. The Soft Blonde is a lighter, ashy blonde tone, whereas the Blonde shade is a slightly darker, brown tone. Although the choice of eyebrow products for blonde brows have certainly improved over the years, finding a super light ash blonde tone isn't easy. We also appreciate the simplicity of these products. If you're not familiar with using eyebrow makeup then you should definitely give these a go!


Essence Eyebrow Mascara

Another little gem we found from Essence was their eyebrow mascara, which has tiny eyebrow fibres to help fill in gaps in scarce brows. As well as fixing your eyebrows in place, it also subtly builds volume and adds definition too. You can use this eyebrow mascara on its own or you can use it with a pomade, marker or pencil to fill in your brows where needed. Brow mascaras are great for helping you to see where you need to apply product without looking too overdone. You might be surprised to learn that you don't need to apply as much product as you thought.


Catrice Brow Marker Pen

Don't let the word 'marker' put you off! The Catrice Brow Marker Pen is a fine tip marker pen that you can apply directly to your brows. This pen is perfect for drawing on individual brow hairs and can be used on its own or to add definition to your already drawn on eyebrows. Provided that you find the right shade, it's easy to produce excellent, natural looking results. It might take a little practice initially but this has the ability to achieve fresh, well groomed, authentic brows in just a couple of fine strokes.