How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick to Suit You


How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick to Suit You


How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick to Suit You

There is no other lipstick shade quite as iconic or as popular as the legendary red lipstick! These days the classic rouge lip colour comes in a variety of textures, shades and finishes, which makes trying to find the perfect red lipstick much easier and possible for everyone.
Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

#JustAddRed: Iconic Red Tones

A swipe of your favourite red lipstick can instantly lift your look and your mood, whilst requiring minimum effort from other aspects of your style, so when in doubt: just add red! Of late I’ve rediscovered my love for simple outfits with statement accessories in spicy shades of red, coral and pink. Although I do love to transform different colours, patterns and tones into perfectly styled outfits, never underestimate the power of the capsule wardrobe and the necessary addition of your favourite bullet of red lipstick!
Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

Stylist Picks: My Favourite Red Lipsticks

I adore red lipstick! If there was only one shade of lipstick that I could wear forever more it would be a shade of rouge à lèvres. Recently I have taken a likeness to glossy reds which are much softer for summer however; my preferred finish would have to be a matte red. These four are my top picks and are also cruelty-free. If you have read my previous blogs, you probably already know that I only buy (and will continue to buy/support) cruelty-free cosmetics (since 2015). Saying that, some of the cruelty-free and ethical brands are not as well known as they should be and neither are there fantastic products, which is why I am bringing them to your attention! For those of you who are big fans of well known brands such as MAC, you will be amazed to see the extreme similarities between some of the MAC lip colours and the below listed ethical dupes. Whilst the finish you get from many of MAC’s matte red lip colours is impressive, not everybody can wear them – especially those from their Retro Matte line because they are far too drying on the lips. Amazingly, the below listed lipsticks are all very moisturising and have a very comfortable feel, despite three out of the four being matte lipsticks. In case you would like to know which product matches up to which popular lipstick, you will find the equivalent in the brackets next to each item below.

  1. Milani – Passion (MAC Lady Danger) (left in picture below)
  2. Catrice Matt Lip Artist – Reditorial (MAC Ruby Woo) (far right  in picture below)
  3. Catrice Lip Cushion – Absolute Razz Berry
  4. Golden Rose Matte Lipstick – No. 22 (MAC Russian Red) (middle  in picture below)

Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

Throughout my extensive trial and error to find “the perfect one” (or in my case: the perfect red lipstick collection), I’ve tested out a variety of different shades and finishes by different brands. Not every shade is going to suit you! So, if you have wondered why you haven’t found the perfect shade of red for you yet then rethink the textures and tones you’ve been trying. Remember that Marilyn Monroe herself invented her own personalised and well-suited shade by mixing several shades at once and layering them.
Problem 1: “I want to wear red on my lips but it would smudge and look a mess.”
Answer 1: “Try out a lip gloss or a sheer red lipstick in a rich red colour. These are less likely to look messy if your lip colour transfers throughout the day/night and in case it does, lip gloss is easy to fix up.”
Problem 2: “Which red should I wear to suit my hair colour and skin tone?”
Answer 2: “I would recommend learning which type of skin tone you have before choosing the perfect shade for your features.”