Be Our Guest: What to Wear to a Wedding

Be Our Guest: What to Wear to a Wedding

Not sure what to wear to a wedding as a guest? Worried about going all out and outdoing the bride? These essential wedding guest dressing tips will help you to create a wedding outfit that accentuates your personal best, makes you feel comfortable and allows you to happily enjoy the big day!
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What to Wear to a Wedding

  1. Don’t wear white

If pale colours are part of the dress code, consider other tones such as blush pink, mint blue, lilac, yellow, or silver.

Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas

  1. Your personal best – always!

Don’t try something new and daring at the last minute. If it goes wrong you probably won’t have time to fix it. For special events, it is always best to elevate your everyday style and upscale your personal best.

  1. Matchless Madame

Unless your colour palette is Chanel-style-monochrome, in which case it is cool and highly chic, don’t colour coordinate your bag, shoes and belt in matching colours! This looks dated and will make your outfit look cheap!

  1. Feeling cool?

There was a time when cardigans and jackets were off-limits for wedding guests and the bride. But provided that you choose the right cover-up, it’s now perfectly acceptable. Something like a blazer, a neat cardigan, a pretty shawl or trench coat are all good options. If you’re still in need of a little extra assistance in terms of style enhancements then try out a brooch or tasteful clip-on flower.

  1. Wear not waste

You can of course, wear the same dress or outfit for more than one wedding. Anybody who says you can’t simply doesn’t know how to dress! With just a few simple styling hacks, you can transform the style of your wedding outfit time and time again. Switch up your shoes, wear different jewellery, change the way you wear your hair and make-up, or add a brooch or clip-on accessory.

  1. “Bag romance”

Clutch bags are elegant, glamorous and miniscule. In many ways they’re an ideal accompaniment to a wedding outfit. But let’s not overlook how awkward these often tiny, bejewelled beauties can be to balance when you’re dancing, shaking hands and holding a glass of champagne.
Overcome this issue by selecting either a: a) shoulder bag b) cross-body bag (worn on one shoulder; c) or a clutch bag with a wrist strap

What to Wear to a Wedding

7. “If the shoe fits…”

Your wedding invitation might take you to a traditional church or an exotic, sandy destination. The question is: are you prepared outfit-wise? Namely, what shoes are most suitable for the terrain? You mustn’t feel obliged to spend the day sinking into the sand in your stilettos. Embellished, formal sandals are the wiser choice. If they allow you to move without falling over – even if they are flats! Platforms, wedges and jewelled flats are three stunning alternatives to the constraining stiletto!

What Footwear Should a Wedding Guest Wear?

  1. Hat tricks

Hats are not a wedding outfit essential but I feel that part of the fun of weddings is wearing a big, lady-like hat! Whether it’s a pillow box or just a small, delicate hair decoration, make sure that you’ve fastened it down properly! You don’t want to be clutching your head all day, trying to prevent your heard wear from flying away. Pin down hats and hair pieces with strategically placed hair grips.

  1. Au natural

Weddings are sociable, “mingling” events, involving drinking, eating and perhaps a few cheek kisses to meet, greet and congratulate. This is why it is best to reconsider going overboard with the fake tan unless you’re absolutely sure that it will not transfer or develop into an unsightly shade of orange!
Additionally, it is advisable to steer clear of strong, bold, statement colours to avoid unwanted lipstick stains and lipstick colour “bleeding”. If you don’t fancy the prospect of spending most of the ceremony and reception in the ladies, fixing and reapplying your lippy, choose a more natural shade. Soft, natural lipstick tones work best for weddings. They also don’t require frequent touch ups throughout the day! Nudes and light pinks work best.

  1. Abide by “the code”

Although a big event like a wedding is the perfect excuse to splash out on a new outfit and carry out a long-term dream of wearing a big hat and a beautiful dress, do remember that it’s the bride and groom’s day – not yours. If the bride has put in place a strict dress code that she’d like you to follow then be respectful. Abide by the dress code and if in doubt, ask! The same applies to how conservative your choice of garment appears. If you feel as though your hemline might be too short, your neckline too low, check with the bride first!

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