Guilt-Free Skinny Pastels


Guilt-Free Skinny Pastels


Guilt-Free Skinny Pastels

Spring Summer 2020 is all about pastel shades. These pastels are certainly indulgent and completely guilt-free. Pastel shades are highly feminine, elegant and playful. They are also ideal tones to consider when creating your spring/summer wardrobe. Pastel shades tend to be more popular than any other colourful palette because as a bright shade they are easy to colour coordinate. Let me show you how...

How to Wear Pastels

Wearing colour often confuses many people but styling pastels is much simpler than you think. Due to their soft tones, pastel shades are among the easiest bright colours to style. You can wear pastel fashions with bright colours, textures, or simple pieces. There are endless colours and textures to choose from, most of which will work with pastel shades. Rather than focusing on which shade you plan to coordinate with your pastels, consider your chosen styling technique first:

  1. Neutral Tones

Keep your look lady-like and sophisticated by teaming 1-2 pastel pieces with classic, neutral tones. This is exactly what "Chanel" were seen practising at the SS18 fashion shows earlier this year. Chanel's SS18 collection included their legendary tweed suits in shades of lavender and blush pink - a perfect example of how to combine traditional glamour with on-trend fashion.

2. Monochrome

A colour styling trick that you may not consider when coordinating other bright tones is keeping your look monochrome. In other words, stick to the same pastel shades all through your outfit, or at least keep the root colour the same. I wrote a post about "doubling colours" a while ago. It is an easy and effective way to give your outfit an expensive and high-end feel, no matter its original price tag!

3. Bright Tones

We've discussed toning pastel shades down in the previous two points, but what about accentuating them? Adding colour to your wardrobe and outfit choices is fun, creative and keeps your style interesting. Bright tones such as bold, pops of colour, as well as neon shades are fantastic alternatives to bold, darker shades such as black!

4. Metallics

Metallic shades can be worn during any time of year. They liven up darker clothing choices during the winter, and continue to elevate a brighter look during the summer. If you're looking to liven up pastel tones for a night out or for a more eccentric attire, adding items in metallic tones is an ideal solution.

5. Pastel Assortment 

Why not mix and match different pastel shades? Pastel shades mix and match really well together. Consider fashioning yourself a tasty pastel assortment by coordinating shades such as lilac, lime green, dusty pink, powder blue, and clover yellow!

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