Wardrobe Organising Tips: How to Fold, store and Organise


Wardrobe Organising Tips: How to Fold, store and Organise


Wardrobe Organising Tips: How to Fold, store and Organise

These fast and simple wardrobe organising tips will teach you how to neaten up everything in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe, no matter how full it may seem at times, could be storing a lot more stuff in a more organised way – if you know how! Here I am going to share with you what I have found to be the best way to organise wardrobe space.
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Wardrobe Organising Tips
I could spend hours lusting over the picture-perfect wardrobe spaces on Pinterest! In actual fact I have! There’s something incredibly appealing about being the owner of the grand total of seven simple items of clothing…and a hat! Because that’s how wardrobe life is portrayed on social media isn’t it?! While I do agree that less is more, I think that we can safely agree that most of us own and require more than just several outfit pieces! When I relocated earlier this year, I decided to create a strategy for organising my wardrobe space so that it didn’t end up as a messy zone of fabric piles and tangled accessories. Admittedly, I do like to keep things neat and tidy, so my wardrobes have never been that bad. However, I do suffer from the awful habit of constantly piling garments higher and higher until they topple over into a mountain of mess. So thanks to my hours spent on Pinterest, prior to designing the layout of my wardrobe space in my new apartment, I’ve came up with some clever storage solutions. Here are some of my top tips on folding, storing and organising just about every item that enters your wardrobe!

Tips for Organising Your Closet

You shouldn’t over-complicate your wardrobe organisation. If you have the time, it is advisable to sort through all of your clothing and don’t allow any unwanted garments back into your wardrobe. Once you’ve made sure that your wardrobe is clutter-free, it is time to start with my simple but effective closet organisation system.
Wardrobe Organising Tips: fold and store clothing in boxes
Wardrobe Organising Tips

What’s Going into Your Wardrobe?

Having a clear vision of what you want to store in your wardrobe and what can be stored elsewhere will make the process easier. I have recently found out that shelving space in your wardrobe doubles up as a great vanity table that’s hidden out of the way – not collecting dust. On the shelves in my wardrobe, I store my make-up, an illuminated make-up mirror, and jewellery box. I hate clutter that sits collecting dust, so being able to store everything away in its own neat little area suits me perfectly!
I also use my wardrobe for storing my handbags, sunglasses, hair dryer and even my endless number of chargers for my many electronic gadgets! On the other hand, I don’t store my shoes in my wardrobe anymore. They are stored in their own boxes under the sofa.  


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Learn How to Fold Garments Properly

It wasn’t until I became a fashion stylist that I paid more attention to how garments were folded. While you don’t have to go to the efforts that we do when folding clothing for photo shoots and editorials, learning how to correct fold your garments will make storing them much more convenient. It isn’t as time-consuming or as complicated as you may think. Take a look at my quick example below.
Step 1: Here is how tops and jumpers should be correctly folded. Lay the top flat on its front.
Step 2: Fold each sleeve inwards, making sure that each side is equal.
Step 3: Fold each side, aiming to reach the central point.
Step 4: Now, fold the bottom up to meet the top.
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This should form a nicely folded, easily stackable item. This may take a bit of practice but once you master the technique, you will be able to fold all of your “foldable” items and stack them neatly in a level pile. This method makes your clothing lie flatter, which means that you are able to store more pieces, provided that you follow this folding technique!

Use Every Space Available

Shelves are incredibly useful. Hanging rails are an effective way of storing clothing too. But what about the huge empty area below the hanging rail? This space has huge potential for storage but is quite often misused. Sure, you can use up all of the floor space but what about the height? I purchased these stackable white boxes; an ideal way to go higher with your storage without using up too much space on the ground.  
Wardrobe Organising Tips: stackable boxes
Another genius solution for smaller fashion pieces are these under shelf storage trays. These hang underneath your shelves and offer convenient storage solutions for belts, scarves, gloves, and even underwear.
Wardrobe Organising Tips: under shelf storage
What should we hang up and what is best folded up? I’ve decided to rearrange my clothing and instead of hanging all of my dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets and coats, I now hang my coats, jackets, scarves, and chargers. The rest is folded and stacked in separate piles on the shelves. I store all of my cables and chargers in a shoe pocket hanger, which stops them from getting tangled, lost or broken.
For items that are equal in size and thickness, folding them up and stacking them in a plastic box keeps them neat and tidy. (see the picture of the jean at the top of this post). 
If you are not sure what to hang and what will crease if you fold it, here is a useful guide.

What to Hang:

  • Cotton items
  • Linen items
  • Jeans, chinos, and cords
  • Trousers
  • Blazers
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Shirts

What to Fold:

  • Wool sweaters
  • Jeans, cords, chinos
  • Belts
  • T-shirts
  • Knitwear