How to Style Rings to Make Typing Way More Enjoyable (And Fashionable!)


How to Style Rings to Make Typing Way More Enjoyable (And Fashionable!)


How to Style Rings to Make Typing Way More Enjoyable (And Fashionable!)

Learn how to style rings to make typing way more enjoyable and fashionable! When the majority of your working time is spent typing away at a computer your hands are on display for hours on end. Rather than skipping the manicure and having uneven, rough cut nails to horrify your eyes, dressing up your hands and wrists is the new path to productivity and a more stylish working day!
How to style rings
Some common ways to insert a little arm candy into your day include the following:
  • Wearing neatly painted nail polish - my favourites are this red and this white.
  • Wearing a creative nail pattern, such as foils
  • Statement rings ?
  • Sleeves with intricate detail
  • Attractive sleeves with interesting embroidery or button detail
  • A stunning watch
  • A pretty bracelet
  • Wearing a cluster of carefully styled rings


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How to Style Rings to Boost Productivity

Let’s be honest, staring at a computer keyboard all day long can get very tiresome and the view is not the most interesting. Sometimes through no fault of our own, finding inspiration from the same old 30 letters and an inability to form them into words can hinder your productivity, pushing you further into the dangerous, time-consuming zone of procrastination. It doesn’t matter how much we love what we do, sometimes we covet a creative intervention to boost our mood and our productivity! Recently, I have found that paying particular attention to the little details you see before you on your wrists and hands can prove just as motivational and uplifting as listening to an inspiring podcast or similar whilst working. Unlike with podcasts, webinars and television programmes which can distract you from your work, dressed up hands are not distracting but instead give you something pretty and stylish to look at as you are typing away trying to meet your deadlines. With these simple tips, you will learn how to style rings like a pro so that you need never get bored!
How to style rings

How to Style Multiple Rings

Wearing multiple rings at one time can mean wearing a combination of costume rings, fine jewellery and midi rings all at the same time. If a ring is too big for you, you may choose to wear a tighter fitting ring above it on the same finger to stop it from slipping off. Other ways to style multiple rings at the same time include stacking rings, which means stacking one ring on top of the other on your finger. Before rushing out to buy a set of “stackable” rings, don’t forget to look at the jewellery you already own to see how you can experiment with creating new looks. You don't need to evenly distribute the rings on your fingers when stacking them, sometimes the most asymmetrical styles look the best! When stacking rings, a good rule of thumb is to position the bigger, heavier rings towards the bottom of your finger and the smaller rings on top.

How to Style Gold Rings

The question of how to style rings often covers the common question that many people wonder: “how to style gold rings? And should you mix gold and silver jewellery?” Gold and silver are two contrasting metals which if styled correctly can look wonderfully quirky together. With some looks such as formal, elegant styles, mixing gold and silver together can devalue your overall appearance, based upon “the less is more” rule. If you’re wearing an everyday casual look then mixing gold and silver is pretty much mistake proof however, if you are wearing a classy, elegant look then stick to just a few items of jewellery in either one of the two metals – don’t mix them together! Another common issue is balancing out too much gold or silver jewellery. This is when you want to wear multiple items of jewellery but sometimes too much of either gold or silver can quickly look “too much”. The key here is to mix it up by wearing some items of gold jewellery and mixing them with jewellery in a neutral tone such as white or black. White jewellery mingles really well with silver and gold, so you can alternate your look easily without looking like you’re wearing too much jewellery.




How to Style Midi Rings

Midi rings are those small, delicate rings that sit towards the top of your finger, just a couple of centimetres below your finger nail. While these rings look great on their own, they are the ideal accompaniment to multiple ring styles. These look best when you wear between one and three on one hand at any one time and they can also be worn together with a normal ring on the same finger. Wear a range of multiple rings is an excellent way to make a statement even if you keep the rest of your outfit, jewellery and makeup simple.