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Refresh Your Underwear Drawer with these Sustainable Hemp Alternatives


Refresh Your Underwear Drawer with these Sustainable Hemp Alternatives

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to refresh your underwear drawer with some new pieces. I’ve found the perfect replacement items! Allow me to introduce you to hemp underwear - naturally made, durable and comfortable garments that are also good for the planet.
WAMA Underwear


This week I got the chance to try out hemp underwear by WAMA. A lot of the underwear we buy is made from cotton or synthetic materials, whereas these are made from natural, organic hemp. There are so many advantages for choosing hemp as a clothing material. Plus, hemp fabric is ideal for underwear because it doesn’t go out of shape or lose elasticity, it is hard wearing and comfortable too. Personally, I am a huge advocate for buying less but buying better. Over the last two years I’ve tried clothing made from ethical alternatives to cotton and I’ve been so impressed! I have an amazing collection of bamboo socks, which are both soft and durable. So you can only imagine how excited I was to try out hemp underwear. What’s really interesting about hemp fabric is that it becomes softer after every wash. As long as you source authentic, organic hemp garments, you can guarantee that they will be high quality.

WAMA Underwear

Trying Out WAMA Underwear

WAMA is a sustainable underwear brand that offers male and female under garments made from hemp fabric. I’ve tried WAMA hipsters, thongs, and bikini briefs and I'd highly recommend them. In recent years, I’ve become much more aware of what I buy and therefore try to invest in quality made garments made from natural materials that are better for the environment. Since I’ve started growing my collection of clothing made from natural fabrics, I’ve become more sensitive to the unpleasant smell of harmful and cheap dyes that so many mainstream fashion items are made from. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a t-shirt, underwear or handbags, I’ve come to dislike the idea of wearing clothing made from such nasty dyes and chemicals. It’s so strange that I never noticed this awful smell before, which is quite worrying! WAMA’s hemp underwear is made from natural materials and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or dyes. Their briefs are so soft, quality made and comfortable to wear.
WAMA Underwear

What Makes Hemp So Great?

  • Hemp is eco-friendly and good the planet
  • When cultivating hemp, all parts of the plant can be used
  • Hemp is soft as a fabric and becomes softer with every wash
  • Hemp is a comfortable to wear
  • It possesses natural anti-odour properties and is antibacterial
  • Producing hemp reduces water waste
  • Authentic hemp clothing is free from toxins, unnatural dyes and harmful chemicals
  • Hemp grows fast
  • Hemp plants actually improve soil health
  • Growing hemp requires less land space compared to other plants
  • Growing hemp also requires less water and can actually live off rain water
  • The hemp plant removes toxins from the soil and groundwater
  • It is possible to grow hemp in a number of conditions – it is very easy to grow
  • Hemp absorbs more CO2 than many other plants
  • Clothing made from hemp is strong and long-lasting
  • Garments made from hemp fit well and don’t go out of shape
WAMA Underwear

How to Wash Underwear Sustainably

Being a more conscious being isn’t just about buying into sustainable fashion brands. We also need to be paying more attention to the way we wash our underwear too. Washing machines use a lot of water and not all washing detergents are good for the environment. Here are seven easy steps on washing your underwear sustainably at home or wherever you are.

  1. Allocate an area for washing your underwear. A bathroom sink is ideal. Pile your washing into the sink.
  2. Double check the washing instructions on the labels in your garments to see how they should be washed. Some fabrics need to be washed at a cooler temperature than others.
  3. Choose a sustainable washing detergent.
  4. Plug your sink and fill it up with warm water and sustainable laundry detergent.
  5. Leave your underwear to soak for no longer than one hour.
  6. Drain the washing water and rinse your underwear with cold water.
  7. Hang your garments out to dry.

By choosing a sustainable detergent and washing your clothes by hand, you’re saving on unnecessary water waste. Leaving your garments to air dry on a washing line instead of using a dryer uses far less energy, which is more eco-friendly.
WAMA Underwear
Find out more about WAMA and shop their collection here.

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