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Sponsored Posts and Affiliates

Minnirella is a business. As a business we sometimes work with brands on collaborations and may feature sponsored content. This content will be clearly stated as an #Ad or #SponsoredPost etc. Any products, sites and services that we personally recommend but which are not sponsored do not require any disclaimer or statement, but may be stated as #NotSponsored. The same applies for gifted products - these too will be stated as gifted. In no such case will this platform work with brands that do not offer value to Minnirella readers and clients. If a brand does not fit with the Minnirella ethos then no type of brand collaboration will be pursued. All sponsored content and brand collaborations will be clearly stated at the top of each post.

Occasionally Minnirella may feature carefully selected affiliate links that are relevant to certain content and that we personally recommend! This means that should you click on the link and purchase the featured product, we will receive a small amount of commission from that purchase. Minnirella features affiliate links with the aim to help you in your search for a specific product or service. If in anyway this makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free not to click on the "Shop the Edit" links or other external featured product links.

The content and ethos of Minnirella is not in any way influenced by any sponsored content, collaboration or affiliate scheme. The aim of this magazine is to provide value and personal styling help to the Minnirella audience and that standpoint is maintained when considering the affiliate links and sponsored content featured on this platform.

Cruelty-Free / Ethical Status

Minnirella supports cruelty-free fashion and cosmetics. This change was implemented during year 2015. While Minnirella does not collaborate with or advertise any brands that do not fall into the above-mentioned category, occasionally our own personal items may appear on the site, in the magazine or on our social media accounts which were purchased before prior to this change. All fashion and beauty products purchased after the year 2015 will be made of vegan leather, faux fur and will be cruelty-free.

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