How to Pick the Right False Lashes


How to Pick the Right False Lashes


How to Pick the Right False Lashes

This week I’ve been testing out a collection of beautiful vegan lashes. I’ve been using faux lashes on and off over the past ten years. During this time, I’ve noticed how much the quality of false lashes has improved. You are no longer restricted to plastic-looking, dramatic lashes that are often only deemed suitable for certain occasions. The other issue was that many false lashes on the market were either the cheap ones that looked obviously fake, or the better quality ones made from real mink hair. Today there are so many variations of false lashes available now to suit everybody. Don't let your fears and hesitations of the past put you off trying out false lashes. This guide will teach you how to pick the right false lashes to suit you. 

How to Choose the Right False Lashes

Vegan Lashes or Mink Lashes?

You may remember a few months ago I wrote this post all about testing out luxury faux mink lashes. In said post I walk you through my first experiences with vegan lashes. For ethical reasons, I don't support the use of mink hair for false lashes however, I understand what people want to achieve by choosing real hair lashes. Real hair lashes look and feel more authentic than synthetic lashes. They flutter more naturally in the wind, they move more elegantly as you blink, and they look like real lashes. That being said, vegan lashes such as the Eylure lashes featured in this post have an equally authentic appearance and are also cruelty-free. I'm going to show you four different types of vegan false lashes to show you what each style and texture looks like.
In the meantime, here are some additional tips for applying and caring for your false lashes:
  • If your lashes are too long, feel free to cut them to your preferred length - but not whilst wearing them.
  • If you struggle with applying a full strip of lashes, you can cut the full seam into 3 or more sections and apply each section individually.
  • Provided that you keep them clean and peel off any excess lash adhesive between uses, you can re-wear your lashes multiple times.
  • If you don't want to apply lots of eye make-up, including eyeliner to blend in the seam of the false lashes, choose vegan false lashes with a very thin or invisible seam.

How to Choose the Right False Lashes

Eylure Naturals No. 031

These lashes are very natural-looking and discrete. They are pre-glued, which means that no glue is needed. So if the idea of applying lash adhesive and all that entails doesn’t appeal to you, self-adhesive pre-glued lashes are an ideal alternative for you. The fact that these are pre-glued makes them ideal for travelling, less messy and easy to apply.  I would say that the Eylure Naturals No.031 are perfect for everyday wear and for those of you who are just getting used to wearing faux lashes. These lashes were slightly longer than my natural lashes and gave the illusion of "my own lashes but better". If you've ever wondered what it's like to have slightly thicker and longer lashes then these natural false lashes will help you to achieve that look. (picture above)

How to Choose the Right False Lashes

Eylure Lengthening No. 100

These lashes are not pre-glued but the little tube of lash adhesive that comes with the pack of lashes has been the best glue I've ever tried. This handy little tube comes with an easy-to-handle applicator, making the lash glue really easy to apply because the glue wand is so easy to control. The curvature of the lash seam makes lash application easy and comfortable. They curved lash seam fits neatly around the eye unlike other lashes which can feel quite flat. Of course, you can always bend the lash seam to make them more rounded to fit neatly around your eye, but I find these are much more convenient, seeing as they already come perfectly shaped. After the Eylure’s Natural Lashes, the Eylure Lengthening lashes are the second most subtle-looking lashes but with more definition and darker in colour. (picture above)
How to Choose the Right False Lashes

Eylure Intensify No. 100

As the name suggests, these are intensive and defining, but don't look fake at all. The Eylure Intensify lashes saved me lots of time that I would usually have spent on applying layers of eye make-up. I am actually wearing them here without any other eye make-up, but they add so much definition and vibrancy around the eye area. I then finished off this make-up look with a simple, low-key lip colour. (See picture above). If you look at the picture above where I am wearing the Eylure Intensify No. 100 vegan lashes, you will notice how well they blend in with my natural lashes. My natural lashes are not overly dark - they're light brown. The thin seam on these lashes makes it easy to blend the false lashes in with your natural lashes because you can get the lash seam so close to your natural lash line. The thin lash seam also means that it's not necessary to apply eyeliner to help disguise the strip of false lashes. I'd recommend these lashes to those who are looking for something that can be dressed up or down. If you don't apply additional eye make-up then these will simply make your lashes look long, voluminous and dark. Alternatively you can incorporate them into a more dramatic eye make-up look.
How to Choose the Right False Lashes

Eylure Definition No. 120

The Eylure Defintion No. 120 lashes (pictured above) were the most dramatic and longest. Again, I'm wearing them in the picture above with minimal eye make-up additionally, other than a little but of liquid liner to blend in the lash line. I wore a different pair of lashes each day for the entire day over four consecutive days. It was interesting to observe who actually noticed that I was wearing synthetic lashes and who didn't. As expected, these were the only lashes that people around commented on, having realised that they were not my real lashes. I'd highly recommend these if you were doing a 40s make-up inspired look where the emphasis is very much on the lashes and not much else. Alternatively, if you want lots of length and volume in your lashes for an evening event then these would be a fantastic option. They are longer and bolder than the other three types of cruelty-free false lashes I've tried this week, but they are still elegant and resemble real lash hairs, despite being vegan.
Have you tried any of these lashes? Got any lash tips to share? Drop them below.