How to Get Your Blog Featured in Top Magazines & Newspapers


How to Get Your Blog Featured in Top Magazines & Newspapers


How to Get Your Blog Featured in Top Magazines & Newspapers

Did you know that getting featured in the media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to grow your blogging business? I remember when I first started my business and I got featured in The Telegraph within a couple of months. At the time I was mainly just happy about seeing my photograph in a well known national newspaper, but little did I know the amount of business it would bring my way. Even now, years after getting featured in The Telegraph, I still receive emails from potential clients who actively sought out my contact details wanting to work with me after discovering my article. This was the first time I’d ever gained decent media exposure and since then I have gone on to gain a lot more. Not only is getting your blog featured in the media a fantastic milestone and confirmation of your achievements, it’s also a FREE marketing tool that you should be utilising! I’ve tried Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, paid advertising, paid directory listings, I’ve sent pitch letters to potential clients, I’ve attended networking events, and they’ve all worked well. But getting featured in a major publication either online or offline is usually quite an easy and fast way to get your business in front of a huge audience without costing your any money at all! So why wouldn’t you want to make use of that? Here’s how >>

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The Exact Pitch Templates I Use 

In my bestselling course “The Blogging and Styling Course for Creatives” – a blogging course for those who are SERIOUS about making a full-time income through blogging no matter the size of your audience, I give you the exact pitch templates that I use for pitching to PR companies and publications for media exposure, as well as the pitch template I use when pitching to brands for work. You can get my pitch templates for FREE when you sign up to my course here.

Along with my exact pitch templates that I have used to get featured in many top magazines and newspapers, such as The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Retail Me Not, Eluxe Magazine, and many more, the course covers everything you need to know about turning your blog into a profitable full-time business. 

How to Get Your Blog Featured in Top Magazines & Newspapers

What’s Included in the Course?

  • Monetisation strategies
Learn all of the real possible ways to make money from your blog and how to get your blog earning money within no time!
  • Branding
People buy from people. And one of the best things about blogging and creating content is that it gives you the chance to share your personality and connect with your audience. In this module you will learn all about how to do this effectively.
  • How to Drive Traffic
While you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to earn a full-time income from your blog, driving traffic is an essential strategy to grow your website. We are going to look at how you can increase and drive traffic, while earning a living from a following of any size. 
  • Editorial Styling Techniques
What really sets this course apart from others is the modules on editorial styling. I am going to teach you many of the tried and tested tricks that magazines and professionals use to produce stunning imagery to accompany your blog posts, which will also help you to market your products better. 
  • Content Planning
No matter whether your main role is a blogger or a creative entrepreneur who wants to use blogging to market their business, content creation is essential! We’re going to cover everything you need to know about content planning – from organising content, organising ideas, and monetising your content. 

This is For You If You Want to:

✔️You’ve had a few clients but are now looking to seriously grow your business through blogging.
✔️You want to learn how to earn a full-time income from the following you already have (no matter how big/small).

✔️Build a full-time business doing something you love!
✔️Learn how bloggers and content creators really make money.
✔️Learn how to use professional editorial and styling skills to get seen and share your work.
✔️Turn your passion project and creative ideas into a full-time income!
✔️Create financial freedom
✔️Convey your message to the world and share your passion.
✔️Build a tribe of fans who empower you and love what you do.
✔️Understand that creatives really can make money doing what they love…and you can too!

✔️Learn how to structure all of those whirling creative thoughts into an actionable business plan – without killing any of your unique creativity!
✔️Become recognised as a recognised expert in your field!
✔️Increase your website traffic.
✔️Gain structure in your working day
✔️Feel accomplished
✔️Recognise that you and your skills are truly inspirational and need to be shared!
It doesn’t matter how you stumbled upon your creative business idea. You don’t need a formal education in fashion, journalism or photography, etc. to take this course. You have the passion for what you do, you just need to know how to start earning money from your creative venture, and blogging can help you get there. No matter whether you’re looking to be a full-time blogger or use your blog to sell your own products or services, blogging is an excellent platform for creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. 

The next chapter in your career starts here.  Read more and sign up here.