11 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Blog Themes from Etsy


11 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Blog Themes from Etsy


11 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Blog Themes from Etsy

Blogging is a wonderful pursuit that I’d personally recommend to anybody. So when you’ve put so much time and energy into perfecting the words that you tap onto the screen, you want to make sure that they are presented in the best way possible. What I’m talking about is your blog theme. Here I am going to share with you 11 stylish and affordable fashion blog themes from Etsy that are perfect for both the hobby and professional blogger.
Fashion Blog Themes from Etsy

Choosing the Right Theme for Your Fashion Blog

Choosing the right theme for your fashion blog is an integral part of your blog’s branding. There are tonnes of great free templates out there which are ideal for those who are not self-hosted, as well as for hobby or newbie bloggers. However, if you would like to have more control over your blog’s capabilities, I would recommend investing in a premium theme. Don’t let the inclusion of the word “premium” here put you off. Some bloggers pay for a ready-made theme, whereas others prefer to work with a web development company who will build a unique website to suit all your specifications. Blog themes vary in price – some are very inexpensive and others are more expensive. Working with a website develop however, is naturally going to be more costly and possibly, time-consuming. Having used both, I don’t see any problem for a professional blogger to use a ready-made template, as many of us do. These days, most decent blogging templates come with multiple options for you to customise the theme so that it’s more personal to you. So it isn’t a case that your blog will look identical to everybody else's if you don’t pay for professional website development services. Most importantly, your blog theme should make user experience easy and enjoyable. 

What to Consider When Choosing Your Website Theme

Before rushing into purchasing a theme for your website, make sure you choose one suitable for Blogger, Wordpress, or whichever platform you are using. While I have entitled this "fashion blog themes", my next tip applies to all bloggers of all topics. That tip is that you need to consider what you want from the visual presentation of your blog. Would you like your blog page to be your homepage - the first page people see when they visit your website, or would you like your homepage to show off more of what you do and how you can be contacted? Some website themes come with several different Demos which simply put, means that the template comes in several different layouts. All you have to do after purchasing your theme is to activate the Demo/layout that you like best and from there you can customise it further. I could go into detail about visual aspects of a website theme but by taking a look at my list below and how they differ, you will see for yourself. The majority of themes are fairly flexible in terms of customisation opportunities, but they won't allow you to make huge "structural" changes to the template's general design. Take your time to choose a theme that appeals to you and if necessary, enquire to the theme developer about its customisation features. Somewhere between purchasing a ready-to-go blogger theme and hiring a web developer is using a Drag N Drop website theme. These themes are easy to use and allow the website owner to move, edit or delete just about anything you like. 

11 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Blog Themes from Etsy

There is a huge choice of blogging themes on Etsy, but these 11 caught my eye. They are reasonably priced and are ideal for those who are just starting out, as well as those who have been blogging for some time. I use Wordpress, which is why I have chosen only Wordpress themes. Blogger is another excellent platform on which you might choose to set-up your blog. Personally, I love the ease and freedom of Wordpress, as I know other bloggers do as well. 
"Jemma" Wordpress Theme
"Nourish" Wordpress Theme
"Lauren" Wordpress Theme
"Sarah" Blog Theme for Wordpress
"Natalie" Wordpress Theme
"Siena" Theme for Wordpress
"Jenifer" Theme for Wordpress
"Pippa" Fashion Blog Theme for Wordpress
"Alexandra" Theme for Wordpress
Feminine Blogging Theme for Wordpress
"Elegant" Blog Theme for Wordpress
Don't forget to let me know if you try out any of these themes and share your blog link so we can all see!