Curate a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

Curate a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

Ever thought of compiling your very own collection of timeless fashion items that you can wear time and time again? Here are my tips on how to shop wisely for classic vintage pieces that will never date and how to avoid wasting money on vintage fad trends.
Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items
We are now living in a time when our society sees the importance of sustainable fashion and upcycling clothing we already own. You don't have to be a raving fan of vintage clothing to see the importance and the fun in growing your own capsule collection of evergreen clothing items and accessories.
Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

How to Choose the Right Timeless Fashion Pieces

Making the decision to invest in some timeless fashion items is one thing. You’ve perhaps watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s or seen a documentary about Chanel’s iconic style and now you feel like you want to delve into the chic world of vintage. It is one thing to dream about an effortlessly vintage wardrobe, full of classic timeless items that have a great story behind them. It is another thing to curate a shopping list that corresponds with the image in your head of what you’re looking for, whilst simultaneously resisting the urge to get distracted in the midst of your search.
Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items
  • First of all you are going to need some inspiration. Depending on what kind of items you are looking for, this inspiration could be sourced from a variety of movies from different decades, as well as from books, magazines and Pinterest boards!
  • Second, make a list of what you are looking for! Think carefully about what you like and what you would actually wear. If you are struggling to think, below is a list of top 10 timeless classic fashion items to use as a starter guide.
  • Typical thrift store shops are usually rather inexpensive. Vintage stores are quite the opposite! Many pre-owned fashion stores price their stock differently too. Here are some of the ways in which different stores price their goods:
    • Each item is priced differently
    • All items are the same price
    • A bidding system
    • A swapping system
    • Price per kg – a set price is charged per kilogram of clothing that you purchase.
  • If you are shopping in a low-priced second hand store then don’t get carried away on picking up clothes because they are cheap. Think about what you want, what you will wear and the theme of the project: shopping for classic pieces that will never date!
  • In most cases, the vintage pieces that you find will have been pre-owned and used or worn before. Depending on their age and quality, there may be some defects which may range from minor to unusable. The older the item, the more likely you will have to make some corrections and alterations, which is perfectly normal.
  • Before jumping in and buying garments and accessories that are too out of your comfort zone, start with basic essentials.
  • Do your research first. Look up names of items that you are looking for and if you are serious about your search for some classic vintage pieces then research vintages shops as well!
Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

Top 10 Timeless Classic Fashion Items

  1. Pearl necklace
  2. A little black dress
  3. Black court shoes
  4. Black trench coat
  5. Cream trench coat
  6. 40’s style evening gloves
  7. Black trilby hat
  8. Military jacket (with round buttons)
  9. Denim jacket
  10. Black blazer

Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

How to Add On-Trend Pieces to Your Wardrobe

As you build your collection of timeless fashion items, you can subtly add in on-trend pieces to your wardrobe. Don't get hung up on buying into fashion trends, especially if you don't know how to style them. But there are some fashion pieces that double up as on-trend items and classic, timeless garments. Loungewear sets have become increasingly popular recently and it's easy to see why. Although loungewear has become a fashion trend on its own, loungewear sets are practical and suitable for everyday wear. So even if you do buy into this trend, chances are that you will get plenty of wear out of your stylish loungewear purchase. Tops and t-shirts are another great investment. The classic white tee is so underrated and you can easily switch things up by adding trendy slogan tops to your collection to differentiate your appearance a little! Finally, we all know that the little black dress is a wardrobe staple. However, from time to time you might want to update your LBD with different styles of dresses, such as velvet, floral or with a bold prints. 

Timeless Fashion Quotes to Live By

“Fashion changes but style endures!”Coco Chanel

“When in doubt wear red!”Bill Blass

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

“Fashion is art and you are the canvas.”Velvet Paper

“Dressing is a way of life.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Building a Collection of Timeless Fashion Items

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