style tips from coco chanel

Style Tips from Coco Chanel

When given the chance to learn style tips from Coco Chanel, even the most fashionably impaired recognise that it is time to stop what you are doing and take note! Famous for creating very stylish looks from a limited colour palette and a swipe of rouge à lèvres (red lipstick), read on to find out how Chanel herself would teach you how to dress.

style tips from coco chanel


Style Tips from Coco Chanel

 Coco Chanel started her career as a seamstress but went on to grow a globally recognised brand that is still adored today, long after her death.  There are perhaps few designers more iconic than Coco Chanel and the fashion advice she once gave to her fans is still relevant even today! The “Chanel” approach to dressing is still very much relevant today despite the fact that the French-born designer lived between the years of 1883-1971. Coco Chanel swore by a few simple but logical style tips that she herself would use when showcasing her own personal style!

For a woman who wore few other colours than black and white, Chanel is seen as one of the most stylish women of all time. So what makes her simple but elegant style so iconic, and how can we follow in her footsteps?


style tips from coco chanel“Fashion Changes, But Style Endures”

Coco Chanel always believed in establishing your own true style. During the years in which Chanel was active on the fashion design scene, she witnessed numerous changes in fashion styles but her own style always remained – and that is most important!

“Beauty Comes When Fashion Succeeds”

When you look and feel stylish and fashionable, it will show through your personality making you look more beautiful both inside and out!

style tips from coco chanel

“A Woman with Good Shoes is Never Ugly”

Good shoes are the key to any outfit. Look at a woman who is unable to walk in her shoes, is wearing ugly shoes, dirty shoes, or who looks painfully uncomfortable in her shoes and it will show. It isn’t about wearing high heels, it is about wearing good shoes – shoes that fit well, shoes that look good, shoes that look classy and compliment your outfit, shoes that make you feel confident and well dressed!

style tips from coco chanel“Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.”

Chanel also advised that to dress well you must ensure that your clothes fit well. If one garment is tighter fitting then you should balance it out by wearing another garment that is looser fitting. The key to dressing to look elegant and classy is to wear slim fitting clothing – clothing that fits well but doesn’t cling to you in an unflattering way.

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