Let's Talk Branding & Copywriting with Best Me Brand


Let's Talk Branding & Copywriting with Best Me Brand


Let's Talk Branding & Copywriting with Best Me Brand

Would you like to be able to present yourself better through your writing skills? In this interview with Best Me Brand,  we'll be talking about branding and copywriting. Best Me Brand is a branding company that specialises in professional copywriting services. Lauren (the founder) has written for many well known publications and has interviewed a host of famous faces such as Arianna Huffington, Jane Goodall, Nikki Reed, Dave Navarro, and Brigitte Bardot.  So grab yourself a cup of tea and a pen and paper - her tips are not to be missed!

Best Me Brand

  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for taking the time to do this interview for Online Personal Stylist. Obviously we've already worked together in the past but for those who don't know what you do, could you please explain what Best Me Brand is all about?

Best Me Brand is a copywriting company that specializes in branding. It's all about helping businesses and individuals see themselves as a brand and transferring those brand values onto the page. Whether it's website content or a resume you need, BMB can help you find your USP and brand values so that you are seen and remembered.

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Best Me Brand

  1. How important is branding? How does it affect our businesses and personalities?

Branding is essentially how you want to be seen and remembered. Your website, your social media profiles, your blog posts, your resume, your physical self – all of these things reflect who you or your business are and what you stand for. You could say branding is another word for reputation. But it's up to you what kind of reputation you want to make for yourself/your business. Where there are thoughts, values and feelings, there is a brand. Best Me Brand wants to help you express that in your content.

  1. You’ve written for some huge publications over the years. What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned when it comes to getting noticed and standing out from the crowd?

Never be afraid to ask for what you want or get in touch with who you want.

  1. We hear a lot about the benefits of “good branding”, so can you tell us more about the possible issues we face if our branding isn’t strong or effective?

The way I see it, everybody and every business is a brand. We're all ultimately trying to sell something. However, there's a difference between a brand and a good brand. If you want to be a memorable brand, you need to establish your values and work in alignment with them. On top of that, you need the passion. Without personal/company values, passion, and a clear vision, your brand won't shine. It's nice to have loads of different ideas, but nobody is good at everything and in the end you just find yourself getting lost. So you need to find that thing that makes you different and better than others. That is what's going to make you shine. Sometimes it's a good idea to look back at that initial spark that prompted you to start your business and work from there.

  1. Finally, any last tips you’d like to add and where can we find you? 

Finding someone who shares your vision or is even interested in hearing your vision is rare. Best Me Brand wants to hear your passions, your values and your thoughts. We want to hear your vision and we want to convey that in the content we write for you. You can reach out to us anytime and we'll be happy to chat about your business or your personal ventures.

Visit our website at bestmebrand.com or follow us on Twitter @bestmebrand to stay updated on all our new blog posts that help make the best of your brand.