The Mark Hill Wonder Ball Brush: A Styling Tool Like No Other


The Mark Hill Wonder Ball Brush: A Styling Tool Like No Other


The Mark Hill Wonder Ball Brush: A Styling Tool Like No Other

The Mark Hill Wonder Ball brush is a hair brush like nothing I’ve seen or used before. This brush offers 6 unique ways to easily style and blow dry your hair with ease. Although upon first glance, the brush does look slightly unapproachable, its clever bristle formation means that it is impossible for you to get your hair knotted in the brush whilst twisting and flicking sections when using a hair dryer. This brush is for you of your looking for a normal hair brush that doubles up as an elite hair styling tool, making blow drying your hair easy and manageable for anybody!
 Mark Hill Wonder Ball BrushMark Hill Wonder Ball Brush

What Is It?

Thus sphere blow drying brush is a revolutionary styling brush by Mark Hill. The Mark Hill 6 in 1 styling sphere gives you 6 possible ways to style your hair effortlessly. At first glance, the brush does look quite frightening – a recipe for disastrous tangling. But the special grooves in the brush allow your hair to be wrapped, flicked, twirled and curled to maintain optimum bounce without any tangling or pain. The clever sphere shape allows you to use the cut-out tiers to form different types of curls. The beauty of this brush is its genius scope wrapped in a simplistic shell. Many styling brushes are only intended for specific styling purposes and therefore you require other brushes and combs for other hair styling tasks. The Mark Hill brush is an ideal hair styling companion for when you’re at home or while you’re travelling because it can be used as a standard hair brush on wet or dry hair.
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Mark Hill Wonder Ball Brush


What Does it Do?

If you’re useless at styling your hair with a brush and hair dryer, the Mark Hill Wonder Ball brush 6 in 1 styling sphere is just what you need! I bought it a couple of years ago because I was (and still am) one of those people who are useless at blow drying my hair. Admittedly, thanks to my beloved GHD round brush, I no longer worry about round bristle brushes creating thousands of painful knots in my hair. What I love about this Mark Hill 6-1 style sphere blow dry brush is how this brush makes it almost impossible to get your hair tangled. Unlike when you wrap your hair round a normal round brush and eventually becomes knotted in the brush, with the Mark Hill Wonder Ball Sphere Brush you just have to pull the brush straight down through your hair to detach it from your hair. It sounds painful – but I promise you it’s not! You can flick out the bottoms of your hair. You can use the top tier of the sphere brush to create tighter curls. Use the fullest width of the brush to create big, bouncier curls. You can of course also use the brush as a regular blow drying brush, using it even to straighten your hair.
Mark Hill Wonder Ball Brush 

Why You Need It

If you still need convincing, let me tell you that the price of this brush averages just £10! Think how much money you could possibly save by not having to pay a hairdresser to style and blow dry your hair each time you want heavenly hair!? I am a complete novice when it comes to blow drying my hair but this little gem quickly became my best friend after the first use. I’ve read that it takes some people a little time to get used to handling the Mark Hill sphere brush but I got a long with it just fine right from the off. At worse, even if you struggle to create strategically defined curls on your first attempt, you most likely won’t make a mess of your hair. Even though the bristles are plastic on this brush, I’ve found that my hair turns out neat and glossy every time I use it. So even if you’re just after something to keep your frizzy hair at bay – this one is an excellent option.