5 of the Best Cruelty-free MAC Lip Liner Dupes from NYX


5 of the Best Cruelty-free MAC Lip Liner Dupes from NYX


5 of the Best Cruelty-free MAC Lip Liner Dupes from NYX

Not all make-up dupes are worth the hype but this list is a winner. I love these 5 cruelty-free MAC lip liner dupes from NYX! And I am sure that you will love them too!

MAC Lip Liners Dupes from NYX

Affordable and Cruelty-free Dupes for Popular MAC Lip Liners

I’m not going to lie, MAC is a fantastic all-round make-up brand that offers an extensive range of products and caters to a wide audience. Unfortunately MAC isn’t a cruelty-free brand. Consequently, I haven’t purchased anything from the company since my cruelty-free transition in 2015. Since switching to cruelty-free beauty and fashion back in 2015, I have enjoyed finding cruelty-free alternatives to some of the items that I favoured prior to my conscious lifestyle change. I consider not only the appearance of a product, but its texture, application and longevity. Sometimes, a so-called cruelty-free dupe for a well known product can be better quality than the original. I can say with full confidence that all of my cruelty-free dupe lists are always accurate. However, this is why I rarely write them. If I'm not one hundred per cent happy with available dupes, I don't share them. 

Do you believe that there is any such thing as a decent make-up dupe? I’m not sure how I feel about the word “dupe”. I am under the impression that dupes can either be alternative versions of a product or a cheaper product that only resembles the visual appearance of the original.  I'm not always impressed by suggested dupes, especially when you're comparing a budget versus luxury product. While they may well look the same, the ingredients used will be different, as well as quality. I make sure that I indicate any obvious differences between products on my dupe lists.
I am most proud of this list of MAC lip liner dupes from NYX and it's my current favourite. The MAC lip liners do last slightly longer than the NYX versions, but overall I think they are excellent dupes! Here are my top picks:
MAC Lip Liners Dupes from NYX

5 of the Best Cruelty-free MAC Lip Liner Dupes 

  1. NYX “Ever” lip liner = MAC “Soar”
  2. NYX “Mauve” = MAC “Whirl”
  3. NYX “Coffee” = MAC “Spice”
  4. NYX “Nude Beige” = MAC “Stripdown”
  5. NYX “Peekaboo Neutral” = MAC “Dervish”

Do you have any suggestions? Let me know what you think!