Finding Your Perfect Skincare Routine with Freya + Bailey


Finding Your Perfect Skincare Routine with Freya + Bailey


Finding Your Perfect Skincare Routine with Freya + Bailey

The key to great skin is a good skincare routine. But because everybody has different skin, it's important that you use the right products to suit your skin's needs. With the help of vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand Freya + Bailey, we're going to look at how to create the perfect skincare routine for our own individual skin types.

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We’d all love perfect skin and although genes are partly responsible, it’s important to care for your skin with the right products too. In recent years we’ve witnessed a rise in skincare trends and now we’re all looking to master our own personal skincare routines. I’ve always used skincare products to keep my skin feeling clean and healthy. Yet, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realised the importance of choosing the right products for my own skin type. It's not just a matter of applying cleanser and moisturiser. If you don't pay attention to the kind of vitamins and ingredients your skin needs then you could cause irritation, even making your skin worse than it was before.
It's recommended that you take your time with finding the correct skincare products for an effective skincare regime. There are so many amazing beauty products out there but if they're not right for your skin's needs then they won't have the desired effect.
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One of the biggest mistakes people make when investing in good skincare is that they buy the most expensive or popular products on the market, expecting to see miracles. But if the products you've selected are not a good match for your skin, you'll probably be left feeling disappointed. It's not that these products don't work, it's just that they're not compatible with your skin type. Where possible, I'd also recommend sticking to the same brand of skincare products. Some cosmetics are designed to work better when you use other products from the same collection or brand. This is because the ingredients in the products compliment each other when used together, thus working more effectively.
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My Skincare Routine With Freya + Bailey

My skincare routine with Freya + Bailey includes the following products, which best suit my skin type:I have combination skin and tend to suffer from dark under eye circles. Although I suffer from occasional breakouts, my under eye circles are perhaps my main skin complaint. Under eye circles can be caused by sun exposure, or due to your skin type or skin tone type. I have a cool skin tone type, which is why my under eye circles are more obvious. I've found that the Peep! Eye cream has definitely helped with the pigmentation under my eyes. It's easy to wear and has a good consistency too.
I start my day by gently exfoliating my face with the Unplug! Exfoliating face brush. Once a week I will also use the Throwback! Face mask, which is really refreshing and doesn't dry out my skin like other face masks. I then apply the Peep! Eye cream before applying my makeup. I feel that applying the eye cream using gentle tapping motions around my eye area helps to get the blood flowing in my skin. I absolutely love this eye cream! I used to suffer from dark under eye circles but since I've been using the Freya & Bailey eye cream, I have noticed a huge improvement. It's one of the few things that has worked for me. Finally, in the evening, I use the Polish! Night cream. This is such a lovely night cream and you don't need to apply loads either. It's not sticky or heavy, it has a nice, natural scent and it's very hydrating too.

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Find Out What Skin Type You Have

As much as I love Freya + Bailey skincare, I was equally impressed by all of the information and help available on their website. Shopping for skincare can be a minefield. Sometimes it's difficult to really understand which products we need and this can lead us to make misinformed purchases. On www.freyaandbailey.com  you will find lots of information and advice on skin care, understanding your skin type and an ingredients glossary, which explains how each ingredient works. There's also an online skin type test which I'd advise you to use. The skin type test is quick and simple. It asks you a few questions about your skin before telling you what type of skin you have.

Find Your Ideal Skincare Routine

Once you've taken the skin type test to understand more about your skin complaints and what vitamins your skin requires, you will be given a list of products that are best suited to you personally. You will be shown recommended products for both day and night, as well as instructions on how to use them properly. This is a great tool because it helps you to find the best products for your ideal skincare routine and saves you from buying items you don't need.
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Freya and Bailey Skincare

Freya and Bailey is a natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand. The ingredients they use are responsibly sourced, as is their product packaging. Their beauty products are free from parabens, synthetic perfumes and other toxins that are often found in many mainstream cosmetics. The Freya + Bailey brand was born out of a fierce passion to rally against the assault of modern life on our skin. The brand was founded by a passionate team of eco-conscious skin experts who care about our skin and the environment! Each of their formulations works in unison with our natural biology to deliver targeted skincare solutions. Freya and Bailey cosmetics have been designed to help protect our skin against micro-pollution, skin hydration and premature ageing. Head over to their website now to take the skin type test and discover your own custom skincare routine.

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