4 Unconventional Ways to Use a Hair Straightener


4 Unconventional Ways to Use a Hair Straightener


4 Unconventional Ways to Use a Hair Straightener

I'm sure that most of you will own a hair straightening iron. They are one of the hair styling tools that everybody possesses. Up until recently, I had just been using my GHD hair straightener for straightening my hair. Pretty obvious, right?! But that was until I discovered these 4 unconventional ways to use a hair straightener.
4 Unconventional ways to use a hair straightener
Of course, trends come and go. I remember when poker straight hair was every girl's ultimate obsession. Then beach waves were the next big thing. This is the issue with hair styling tools - your heated appliances are put into early retirement when they're not on trend. I went for a very long time without using my straighteners because I embraced my natural waves. Now, my trusty old hair straightener gets more use than ever before because I have found more than one way to use them. There are probably other ways besides from these listed below, but these are the four effective uses for hair straighteners that I have found to be successful.

Hair Curling

Let's start with other ways to style your hair. Most straight hair straighteners like those made popular by GHD, are perfect for curling your hair as well. Admittedly, this will take a little practice but once you've got the knack, you'll be creating beautiful waves almost as fast as you can straighten your hair!

4 Unconventional ways to use a hair straightener

Iron-On Transfers

You might remember back in 2017, when I completed a number of DIY fashion projects. Among these was a an iron-on transfer project I completed using again, my hair straightener instead of an iron. For these projects, the hair straightener is easy to manoeuvre and small enough to have full control over smaller iron-on transfers.

Ironing Clothes

This one will probably make you laugh! Yes, you can use your standard hair straightener to iron your clothes too. I find that the higher heat settings work best for these tasks. My hair straightener does a great job of ironing out creases in my shirts and dresses. If you don't already own an iron, try using your hair straightener first to see if you can manage without. And even if you already own a normal iron, a hair straightener iron serves as the perfect travel iron - small and convenient to pack and transport.

Straightening Out Creased Paper

In certain situations, a document is only valid if the piece of paper it's on is straight, not folded or creased. But if you've hastily folded the sheet of paper in half and need to get rid of the fold line, it's time to reach for your hair straightener (again)! I just want to emphasise that you must take a lot of care with this one. You mustn't iron the paper with the straightener directly. Instead, place the creased paper flat and cover both sides with a tea towel. Iron over the tea towel - once should do - check the paper and repeat if necessary.

Do you have any new or interesting uses for your hair straightener? Let me know!