Online Personal Style Consultation

I’m Luisa, the professional fashion stylist and editor behind Online Personal Stylist. Are you looking to hire an online personal stylist? This online personal style consultation will change the way you shop for fashion items and how you dress! Online personal styling services are ideal for those looking for a convenient and comfortable way to work with a personal stylist online. The beauty of my services is that you will not lose out on any of the benefits that you’d gain when working with a stylist in-person.

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Online Personal Styling Consultation

In this one-to-one online personal styling consultation you will have access to my full help and support with any and all of your styling needs. If you’re not sure exactly where you need to start then here are the usual things that we cover in an online consultation:

  • Lifestyle habits – we can look at what your daily life, level of activity, etc. involves in order to establish a way to make your favourite fashion styles work for your daily life – without compromising comfort or practicality!
  • Fashion personality profile – this will give me (the stylist) a better grasp of the kind of clothing styles you like to wear
  • Facial features analysis: this determines which patterns and prints will look the best on you
  • A personalised colour analysis – to identify which colours are best for you to wear
  • A detailed body shape analysis – to determine garment cuts and fits that will suit your body shape best
  • A silhouette analysis – to gain a better understanding of what fashion styles best suit your silhouette

Alternatively, you may have a specific style issue in mind which you may want to cover during this online personal styling consultation with me. Here are just some of the many ways in which I can help you:

  • General personal styling consultation (like the topics listed above)
  • Personal shopping – hire me to be your online personal shopper. Together we can find you exactly what you’re looking for. We can even rebuild your entire wardrobe!
  • Work wardrobe building: we can work together to build the perfect work wardrobe for you.
  • Capsule wardrobe creation: Together we can streamline your wardrobe and build a smaller, colour-coordinated, tailor-made wardrobe.
  • How to upscale your loungewear: do you live in loungewear? Let me show you how to transform your loungewear from frumpy to fabulous! Yes, it really is possible!
  • What to wear with…? – Do you have literally thousands of items in your wardrobe that you don’t know how to style? Write them down and I will advise you how to style them in a way that suits your lifestyle, style tastes and physical features.
  • Wardrobe weeding: out with the old, in with the new. We will work through what needs to stay and what needs to go...and never return. Learn how to fill your wardrobe only with garments and accessories personalised to you.
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What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

  • 120 Minutes worth of consultation time (through your chosen communication medium: Skype, Facebook Messenger, Instant messaging, telephone, or email) *this time can be divided into multiple consultations and discussions.*
  • Personal styling and/or shopping support that’s tailor made to suit you
  • Professional help with any style issue that you would like to discuss
  • Online personal shopping service (optional at no additional cost) that can be scheduled in to your personal styling consultation
  • Tailor made style guide personalised to you
  • An in-depth printable report to summarise your full personal styling consultation
  • 1 full body shape analysis
  • 1 full colour/skin tone analysis

How is an Online Styling Style Consultation Performed?

How is an online personal styling consultation conducted? After purchasing your Online Personal Stylist service you will receive an email with instructions and how to book an online appointment for your consultation. Your online style consultation can be held through your preferred communication medium (i.e. Skype, Facebook, email, telephone, instant messaging) – whichever is most convenient and the easiest for you!


Why Hire an Online Personal Stylist?

If I presented you with several outfit choices would you know which one would really suit you best? I’m sure you have at least one item in your wardrobe that you regret buying? There’s probably more. At Online Personal Stylist, our main goal is to provide you with an education in fashion and style to help you shop and dress smarter. Although I am more than happy to assist you with your personal shopping needs, I aim to show my readers and clients how to make good use of what they already own.   By signing up to my online styling services, you will receive in-depth professional help and support, enabling you to build and edit a wardrobe that makes you proud!

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*Please note that your confirmation and booking information will be sent to the email address registered to your payment merchant/displayed on your invoice. 

Why Work with Me?

I have years of experience in working in the fashion industry. Here is why you should choose Online Personal Stylist:

?Qualified fashion stylist

?Experienced fashion stylist and blogger

?Studied fashion and textiles

?I’ve worked as a stylist and fashion editor for top UK luxury clothing brands, high street brands, as well as online retailers

?Knowledge and experience in the global fashion retail market

?Been featured in various UK, European and International publications

?I support cruelty-free and sustainable fashion. I believe in buying less, but buying better quality items that you understand how to wear thanks to the abundance of free and paid style resources readily available at Online Personal Stylist!

?And of course, I have styled lots of amazing people just like you through Online Personal Stylist styling services!

? Read testimonials from others who have used this service.

? Take a look here at the brands I've partnered with and the publications in which I've been featured.

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