how to make your own diy champagne at home


How to Make Your Own DIY Champagne at Home!


How to Make Your Own DIY Champagne at Home!


This month we’ve been reviewing the Drinkmate OmniFizz by Drinkmate UK.It’s a compact at-home carbonating system that will turn any type of flat drink into a fizzy, refreshing beverage. With its sleek, space-saving design, it could be considered a must-have for any kitchen, especially if you enjoy sparkling drinks. But like many kitchen gadgets on the market, what we really want to know is whether it lives up to its promises and is really as good as it sounds?

how to make your own DIY champagne at home

Over the years we’ve seen many lifestyle products come and go, promising to make our lives easier and more exciting with the end result these items guarantee us. With that, we’ve also seen a lot of  fad  gadgets fade from the market as  quickly  as  we shove them into the back of our cupboards after very little use. In  reality,  we  don’t need tonnes of fancy gadgets that require extensive maintenance, lengthy cleaning times and end up more inconvenient than not having them in our lives at all.

how to make your own DIY champagne at home

However, the Drinkmate system is different because as well as giving you the option to add more variety to your drinks’ selection, it’s also an excellent way to make good use of leftovers too!

how to make your own DIY champagne at home

 How the Drinkmate OmniFizz Can Help to Reduce Waste

Everybody knows that it’s more environmentally-friendly  to  buy bigger quantities of products, rather than buying  multiple  items  in separate, smaller packaging but fizzy drinks do tend to go flat quite quickly if you don’t drink them fast enough. Now,  we’re  not  saying  that  you should keep them  for  weeks  or months on end. In that case, we’d recommend only buying as much  as you plan  to  drink  during  a  given space of time. That said, if you buy a large bottle of  a  carbonated  drink, such as Coca Cola, cider, beer  or similar, then  the  Drinkmate  system can revive them  by  recarbonating them once they’ve gone flat. It’s the same if you’ve poured a  drink  into your glass and it’s gone flat – simply pour it into the  Drinkmate  machine and it will inject the  fizz  back  into your beverage.

The Drinkmate is also perfect for switching up whatever leftovers you have in your fridge or cupboards. If you’ve got leftover wine, juice or ice- tea then why not turn it into a sparkling drink by letting the OmniFizz perform it’s magic.

how to make your own DIY champagne at home

What Drinks Can You Create?

You can do so much with this handy machine! Now that summer is here and we’re all planning our upcoming garden parties and BBQs, it’s a great gadget to hand to your drinks’ table. If their drink has gone flat or they want sparkling water instead of mineral water, champagne instead of regular wine, the Drinkmate allows you to create the drink you want! It’s also a much more convenient and affordable way to make use of what you already have at home.

·Turn water into sparkling water

·Turn squash into soda

·Turn juice into fizzy drinks

·Turn wine into champagne

·Turn ice-tea into sparkling tea

·Turn cocktails into fizzy cocktails

·Refresh and revive flat beer or soda

how to make your own DIY champagne at home

Get creative and create your own unique beverages! Get the Drinkmate carbonating system now in time for your summer garden parties!