Easy Summer Meal Ideas for Vegetarians | #AD


Easy Summer Meal Ideas for Vegetarians | #AD


Easy Summer Meal Ideas for Vegetarians | #AD

The summer time is the perfect time for garden parties and barbecues. Thinking up tasty vegan and vegetarian options on the other hand, can be a bit challenging. So I've put together a couple of easy summer meal ideas suitable for non-meat eaters! Enjoy!
At the time of writing this, we're all still either self-isolating or at least, social distancing. This is why garden parties and home outdoor dining is a fantastic idea! There's nothing like a garden barbecue on a summer night. Tasty food sizzling away over a smoking grill as you enjoy socialising with friends. You just know summer has officially arrived when you get your first whiff of somebody having a barbecue in their garden. The only issue is finding tasty vegetarian or vegan options for those on a plant-based diet. We automatically associate garden parties and barbecues with meat dishes, cheeses and other foods that are not suitable by vegans. As somebody who appreciates this issue, I've put together two fantastic suggestions for the vegans and vegetarians among you!
Easy Summer Meals for Vegetarians

BBQ Seasoned Baked Potatoes

I recently discovered a range of BBQ seasonings by Schwartz. They're amazing for adding a quick injection of flavour to food. Plus, some are suitable for vegans and others are certified vegetarian. I feel that by the time we get to summer time, it's nice to enjoy potatoes in a different way. Potatoes can be seasoned in many different ways and either roasted in the oven or baked on the barbecue. What I like about the Schwartz Perfect Shake Classic BBQ Seasoning is that it instills that delicious, smoky barbecue flavour into any food you choose to season. For this recipe I coated the potatoes in the seasoning with a little bit of oil and baked them until cooked well. The Schwartz Perfect Shake Classic BBQ Seasoning is suitable for vegetarians and contains milk and custard. Although these BBQ style potatoes are a great, hearty option for vegetarians, they're a dish that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Easy Summer Meal Ideas for Vegetarians

Easy Mushroom and Vegetable Stir-Fry

This dish can be served hot or cold and another easy meal idea for summer dinner parties. This recipe would also work well when imitating a take-out night at home. In this recipe I used the Schwartz Korean BBQ Street Food Seasoning which is suitable for vegans. One packet of seasoning serves two. What I love about this vegan seasoning is that it's very versatile and can be used for fish, meat or plant-based alternatives. I used the Schwartz Korean BBQ Street Food Seasoning to coat mushrooms for the stir-fry. This recipe is extremely simple. I used vegan noodles in this dish so it's entirely vegan. It's really quick and simple to make. All you need is to cook your noodles in a pan. Then fry an onion in a frying pan, mix the seasoning with a little water and coat your mushrooms. Add your mushrooms and other vegetables to the frying pan and cook. Once you've cooked your stir-fried vegetables, add them to your noodles and serve.


I'm really impressed with these seasonings because they give off an authentic BBQ flavour, making them excellent for flavouring up plant-based foods. It also means that vegetarians and vegans don't have to miss out on enjoying a chilled out summer barbecue or any of the amazing flavours! I've always found it difficult to find vegan or even vegetarian food seasonings and those that I have tried tend to taste very false. These seasonings have an authentic taste and when preparing your dishes, you can use the same spice mix on both your meat and non-meat appetisers, making it more convenient to offer vegetarian options in your cooking. You could also use these seasonings on other plant-based products, such as tofu, soy mince and beans.

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