36 Style Staples from New Look


36 Style Staples from New Look


36 Style Staples from New Look

These 36 style staples from New Look are ideal for capsule wardrobe fans! You don't have to spend a lot of money on classic items of clothing to look effortlessly chic. Knowing what you're looking for and where to find it is the key to curating a sophisticated collection of stylish outfit pieces. I was amazed at what New Look has to offer in terms of classic wardrobe pieces. For a small but substantial investment at this popular high street store, you can easily give your existing wardrobe an elegant makeover! 

How to Shop Sustainable Fashion on the High Street

With sustainable fashion being such a hot topic in the news right now, it is only right that we think about this when we purchase new fashion items. Typically, New Look is not classed as an ethical fashion brand however, that doesn't mean that you cannot apply ethical practices when shopping in the high street store. I believe that supporting sustainable fashion and acquiring a conscious lifestyle comes down to a couple of important factors. One of those is buying clothes that you will actually wear. I think that the first buying habit to which you need to become accustomed is buying less but buying stuff you'll love and wear. It's all good and well investing in everything that is classed as sustainable/ethical, but not if you fill your wardrobe with items that you'll never wear and may eventually become textile waste. This is why I have put this collection of items together from New Look. If you want to start mastering ethical fashion practices by still shopping in high street stores then here are some great products to get you started.
The other day I was doing some online shopping for a client when I discovered a range of products from New Look. It has been almost 10 years since I've ventured into a New Look store. First of all I discovered this beautiful classic trench coat, which looks very expensive, despite its humble price tag! I then found out that the trench coat was from one of the UK's top high street stores: New Look. After doing a little research, I learned that over the years this popular clothing store chain has really improved! Instead of catering to teens and a younger age group, it now offers a rich variety of classic fashion pieces for the more sophisticated lady. I understand that clothing stores will change according to the latest trends in fashion, but I am particularly impressed with how New Look has developed. I think the last time I went into New Look, its brightly coloured selection of fashion products  was aimed more towards a younger age group. These days high street stores in general offer great value for money, as well as excellent alternatives to more expensive clothing collections. 
I think this collection of New Look fashion says it all. The concept of "luxury" fashion is all about finding the right textures, tones, styles and fits. 

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