It’s official! The Friends reunion has been announced, and all the stars are coming back. Home Essentials wanted to find out who really is the most popular Friends character around the world? Is it Joey? Ross, Phoebe? We analysed the number of online searches made across 15 countries. And we can reveal each country's favourite Friends character, and it’s no surprise really…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and because of that, there have been many discussions on how one can improve their mental health. Improving your mental health is important as you grow older and it can help you right now as well. If you need more brainpower to handle your job, your  kids, or anything else life throws at you, you may be looking into how you can improve your mental health.

British-Serbian entrepreneur, Lazar Vukovic, knocks it out of the park with ‘Make It Happen!: A little black book on how to make things happen’ – a powerful tool of inspiration for those looking to achieve their next great thing. From his days selling sweets as a child, to his success selling toys on the high street, Vukovic gives insight into his own life, before handing readers a guide to finding their own outrageous success. With a foreword by John Challis, there’s something for everyone!

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