Introducing the Handmade Jewellery Shop


Introducing the Handmade Jewellery Shop


Introducing the Handmade Jewellery Shop

Introducing the new Online Personal Stylist handmade jewellery shop. A collection of unique costume jewellery designed and made by a fashion professional.

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handmade jewellery shop
I am so excited to announce the launch of the new Online Personal Stylist product line! A range of high quality and handmade pieces of jewellery, made from ethical and sustainable materials.  Each product is designed, made and packaged with heaps of style and love!
Bronze Rose Ring

What Can You Expect?

This collection of handcrafted jewellery and accessories showcases the Online Personal Stylist brand ethos, both through the design of each product as well as through the product packaging. Each item has been carefully designed and crafted to provide you with something pleasing to the eye and completely unique. Whenever you make a purchase from the store your items will be sent to you in beautifully styled packaging exclusive to Online Personal Stylist – so there is no need to worry about gift wrapping if your purchased item(s) are a gift for someone special. Product designs will continue to change and will be updated often so expect to see regular changes and additions to the products available.

Inspiration Sources

I wanted to create a collection of fashion items that looked and felt luxurious, minus the huge expense or encouraging unethical manufacturing of the products. As a huge fan of jewellery - rings and earrings in particular, I really enjoy mixing vintage pieces with costume jewellery to achieve a chic and elegant style that can be worn on all occasions. I feel that there are so many jewellery designs that I would love to wear but that I just can’t find or rather, I am unable to find for the right price or in the right materials, or exact shape, etc. As you browse my handmade jewellery shop you will see that the pieces all maintain the same sophisticated feel, despite the varying designs, shapes and colours used. Inspiration for this collection has been sought from high-end designers, fantasy films, vintage icons, modern day art, and possibly more. I am thrilled to finally be able to share my new handmade jewellery shop with you – enjoy!
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Information Regarding Custom Made Pieces

If you are looking for custom made jewellery please get in touch with your enquiry to discuss your project.

How Can You Purchase the Items?

You may purchase any of the items listed on the site by visiting the Shop the Edit section and then clicking on the item that you wish to purchase. There is a “Buy it Now” button along with more pictures and details of the products after you click on them. Don’t forget to include your mailing address when paying for your items. Items will be dispatched within 1 working day but please allow up to 21 days for postage as we are based in mainland Europe.


Refunds and product exchanges are not available.
Although delivery usually takes up to 7 days, please allow up to 21 days.
If you are part of the REFER A FRIEND scheme, please note that these items do not come under the offer and therefore no commission will be rewarded on the sale of any physical items sold.
Have issues with purchasing an item? Have a question? Please contact Luisa at Online Personal Stylist.