Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank


Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank


Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank


Looking as good as you feel sometimes takes a bit of work. We all have a natural beauty about us, but sometimes it’s nice to really let that shine through! And that’s where a beauty routine comes in; styling your hair and putting on makeup goes a long way to achieving the aesthetic we really love. 

Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

However, an intense beauty routine can get expensive after a while. If you love your skincare rituals and you hate going without makeup, the price tags will often make a real dent in your bank account. But it shouldn’t be astronomically expensive to express yourself with your beauty; here are some little ways to keep the cosmetic costs down. 

Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

Try More Off Brand Products


The big names carry a big price tag based on reputation alone. But the off brand products that tend to be at least 40% cheaper can do the job just right too. It’s just the name that gets you; you don’t feel comfortable buying similar items you don't recognise! However, a lot of these products can be churned out with the same ingredients, and you just need to take a chance on something that’s bottom shelf, rather than at your eye level. 


Indeed, off brand makeup and hair products are labelled as bad buying choices, but they’re usually just as good as the stuff you pay top price for. But if you need more convincing, head out and buy some experimental own or off brand items the next time you’re in the right department. Buy small sizes to minimise waste and see if you can achieve the right kind of look. 


Pick Your Hair Appointment Well


The next time you head to the hair dresser, think about trying out a branch that has trainees and students working in it. Because booking an appointment with anyone who’s less than fully trained can score you a massive discount. After all, you get what you pay for, but most students who have gained enough experience to actually work in the field can cut and style just as well! 

Your Beauty Routine Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

Only Buy When You Need Something 


If you really want to save some money here, never shop for makeup and hair products when you don’t need to replace anything! In other words, all those spontaneous shopping sprees in supermarket makeup departments and beauty stores downtown need to stop. 


You’ve got to slash the cost of your monthly beauty routine by at least half, and you’ll usually manage the job with this one break of a habit. If you only buy when you need something, you don’t waste money either. You don’t experiment unnecessarily, and you can save up some cash for a day when you’re allowed to splurge. Save now, treat yourself later, and you won’t have to line your bathroom shelf with products you’ll never touch again. 


Your beauty routine doesn’t have to carry a luxury price tag. You can still look good when using cheaper products you don’t buy very often!