Your 2019 Guide to Skin Care


Your 2019 Guide to Skin Care


Your 2019 Guide to Skin Care

Your skin is a large and complex organ, which you need to take good care of. As you go through life, your skin will change as will the products you use. You might not have made many New Year's Resolutions this year but one thing worth paying attention to is your skin care routine. If you're unsure about which products to use and how long they take before you see results then read on. This is your 2019 guide to skin care to help transform your skin for the better. 
Your 2019 Guide to Skin Care
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How Long Do Skin Care Products Take to Work?

2019 Guide to Skin Care

Your 2019 Guide to Skin Care

3 Products That Have Transformed My Skin


The Ordinary  Buffet

The Ordinary are well known for producing amazing skin care that rivals products and even cosmetic treatments at a much higher price. The Ordinary Buffet is an anti ageing serum that plumps out your skin to make it look hydrated and refreshed. If you suffer from adult acne like me or other skin conditions, you may notice that the skin treatments you use to combat your skin condition can leave your skin looking tired and dehydrated. This is why I decided to try The Ordinary Buffet and I have seriously noticed amazing results after the first use. This product makes your skin look like it has been injected with moisture, making my skin appear younger and more radiant. Since I started using this serum two months ago, my skin looks really healthy and the fine lines on my forehead look less visible. Although I also use a normal skin moisturiser as well, I layer this serum with my day and night cream to improve the appearance of my skin. I have combination skin so my skin isn’t really dry, but I must add what a difference having well hydrated skin makes!
The Ordinary

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin is another serum but this one corrects pigmentation and acne scarring. I had heard excellent reviews on this product and I have now been using this for the past two months. Initially, I didn’t notice much of an improvement but now the results are definitely visible! My acne scars have really started to clear and everybody constantly comments on how well my skin looks. This took the longest of the three products mentioned here to work but now I can see what all the fuss is about. If you suffer from redness in your skin or hyper pigmentation, I would certainly recommend adding this serum to your skin care kit!

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid is a toning solution that deeply cleanses the skin. It works in the same way as a typical skin tonic works, whereby you apply it after removing your make-up and cleansing your skin. I’ve used many toning solutions which claim to thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove dirt from pores, but not all have worked. Some have worked well but have given me a bad reaction and I rarely have bad reactions to cosmetic products or ingredients! Before I turned cruelty-free, I used to use the Clinique 3-step acne treatment range, which in fairness worked well but the price tag is about three times the price of this solution from The Ordinary – plus, The Ordinary are a cruelty-free brand. So if you are a fan of the Clinique acne range, this solution is the closest cruelty-free and modestly priced dupe I have found. I noticed results within the first week! It really is an amazing product!