"You only get one chance to make a first impression!" | #AD


"You only get one chance to make a first impression!" | #AD


"You only get one chance to make a first impression!" | #AD

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you struggle with personal branding and presenting yourself in a way that does you justice, take a read of my top tips on improving your first meeting with a prospective client, follower or colleague.
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First impressions don't always go as planned. I'm sure there are many cases that you know of, where first impressions have been almost disastrous! You see it all the time on films and in comedies. As quick as one person is trying to impress the other, the second person is trying to make an abrupt exit - not at all amused by the overenthusiastic acquaintance that's just pounced on them.  In business however, relationships are not as complex as they are in our personal lives. There is no love/hate. Serendipitous meetings rarely happen or at least not with the same outcome as in the movies. In the business world, it's all about grasping an opportunity and presenting yourself well. And when you master those two things, you'll find that establishing and nurturing business relationships is much easier than in your social life. It's simple. Prospects will either like you or not. 
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These days it can be difficult just to get people signed up to your mailing list. And no money changes hands there. People are wary of giving away an email address, that they didn't have to pay for, in order to get your valuable freebie in return. Time and money are precious. Time is more precious and valuable than money. But unfortunately, you need prospects to invest their time before they will consider investing their money!
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How to Make a Good First Impression?

  • Be relatable. Talk in terms that your audience will understand. 
  • Dress the part, but make sure you feel comfortable and authentic. 
  • If somebody has seen your brand visuals online, make sure your personal brand lives up to what people expect from the face of such a compelling brand.
  • Be clear in your message. It has taken me a long time to master this one, but it is worth the wait in order to be able to fully understand this concept. Don't focus on trying to get one person signed up to your email list, on to your VIP coaching course, and as a PR contact in a matter of 60 seconds or via a single Tweet! Communicate your message well and make it clear what you want people to do next. 
  • The mark of a great book is when we have the feeling that the author knows every little detail about the fictional world they've created. They might not be telling us everything, but it is evident through their writing. This is how potential clients should feel when connecting with you.
  • Don't try something new and exciting with your hair, clothes, or make-up just before you go to a networking event or to meet a client. Establish what is your "best you" and make sure she is present at the event. 
  • Be confident and show that you understand what you're invested in. Forget what you may have once heard at school - confidence and intelligence are not uncool, personality flaws! If you don't show a clear passion and understanding for what you do, why would anybody want to work with you?
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