Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas


Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas


Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas

The temperatures are starting to drop, and it’s about time to start thinking about our winter wardrobe. What exactly are we going to wear to festive events and work parties this year? When you’re organising your winter wardrobe, don’t forget about your seasonal makeup. 

Charcoal Eye Shadow 

People with a darker complexion can look fabulous this winter with charcoal eye shadow. Charcoal eyeshadow is dark and intense. However, it doesn’t suit the summer months, and you won’t get away with it every day - that’s unless you are living through the festive season. 
During the winter, you can wear charcoal eyeshadow any time of the day or night. This style of eye shadow complements dark complexions with warm undertones and darker hair tones. To bring some balance to the look, add some bright highlighter to the inner corner of your eye.

Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas

Orange Eye Shadow 

There are two types of people in the world, those that embrace winter as soon as possible and those that don’t intend to give up an autumnal look, even when the festive season is in full swing. The good news is that the autumnal look also complements the winter months
Orange eye shadow is bright and seasonal! It’s perfect for autumn, but it certainly won’t look out of place on the high street when you’re doing your Christmas shopping. In fact, the warm tones of the eye shadow contrast nicely with the colder weather. Why not add a shimmer to the eyelid.    

Purple Eye Shadow 

Purple gradient eye shadow suits people with cooler skin tones. If you’re unsure about your skin tone, hold your wrist up to the light and observe the veins underneath. If they look bluish or greenish, you have warmer undertones. If they are blue or purple, your skin has cooler tones. 
Cooler skin tones love understated make-up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be loud. Purple gradient eye shadow strikes the perfect balance. Start with some darker layer at the lower end of your eyelids and tail it off as you move up. Also, add a lash line to the outer eyelid. 

Gold Eye Shadow 

It’s not called “the festive season” for nothing! People with more introverted personalities and cooler skin tones might prefer a more understated look over winter, but other people prefer to step into the sparkle and bring out their inner glitter for the tinsel-clad winter months. 
Gold eyeshadow is the perfect way to glow this winter and to join in with the spirit of the season. Gold eyeshadow is indeed best suited to warmer skin tones and lighter hair colours, but anyone can enjoy this seasonal makeup. So build up the gold and finish it off with some sparkle.    

Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas

Silver Cut Crease 

Eye makeup is important if you want to make an impression at a special event this winter season. Lots of people wear makeup, but not everyone understands the true power of it, especially when it is treated with the same attention you would give to your outfit. 
A silver cut crease is a little more involved than most eye makeup; that said, it pays off by matching the season and elevating your style at festive events. Start with eye shadow above the lid - darker tones are good - then add some silver sparkle eye shadow to the lid for contrast.  

Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas

Matte Plum Lipstick 

The festive season is all about darker tones and rich colours. Think of the heavy winter foods we eat; they tend to be made of seasonal vegetables that have dark rich colors. Whether it’s eye makeup, clothing, or your choice of lipstick, it’s always safer to choose rich, warm tones. 
Matte plum lipstick is an item you don’t want to be without this winter. Matte plum lipstick is technically red, but it sits somewhere between dark red and black. There is enough color to keep it warm but enough darkness to keep it interesting. Use a highlighter to complete the look. 

Burgundy Lipstick 

For those of you who like red lipstick but don’t want to go too bright, burgundy lipstick is your friend. Burgundy is understated red lipstick that’s perfect for the autumn and winter season. Burgundy lipstick is also very flexible; you can wear it every day or on more formal occasions. 
Not only does burgundy lipstick work for different seasons and different occasions, but it also compliments a wide variety of clothing. This lipstick works well with warm tones, but it also looks amazing with lighter colours such as grey and rose. Feel free to add some lip gloss on top. 

Bold Red Lipstick 

Sometimes, it’s all about red! And what better season than to rock the red than in the winter months. Red is perfect for the festive season; it’s statement makeup that makes all the difference at Christmas parties and works nights out. That said, it’s also perfect at other times. 
There are plenty of red lipsticks to choose from. Consider the skin tone you have and your colour palette. Those with a cooler, darker tone might prefer red lipstick on the darker end of the scale, while lighter skins might prefer a brighter tone. Whatever you choose, feel free to be bold!   

Natural Lip Gloss

It’s not always about the color scheme of the makeup; sometimes, it’s more about home the makeup appears. If you want to add another dimension to your look, consider some lip gloss to finish your lipstick choice. Lip gloss compliments any skin tone or lipstick colour. 
Natural lip gloss is shiny and unintrusive. When you add a thin layer of lip gloss to your lipstick, it creates a subtle and natural shine that contrasts with the matte look. Lip gloss might not suit everyone, but it’s worth considering now and again, even if you prefer a more matte look.  

Winter Wardrobe Makeup Ideas

Neutral Makeup 

Finally, you might consider downgrading your makeup and going for a neutral look. The neutral or natural look is always a winner, it’s also much easier to manage on an everyday basis, but it also works well for a night out. Neutral makeup is light eyeshadow and minimal foundation.  
To create a neutral makeup look this winter, start with neutral eye shadow and a light layer of mascara. The highlighter is also your friend when it comes to the natural look. A few choice lines here and there add accent to your face and showcase your inner glow.