Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist

Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist?

Photos from 1981, when Diana was already engaged to Prince Charles, show the late princess wearing two watches on her wrist. The photos were taken during a polo tournament in which the heir to the throne also participated. So the question on everyone’s lips in why did Princess Diana wear two watches on her wrist?


Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist

The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches


Princess Diana knew how to make a statement with her appearance, and she was known for her cordiality. For example, the princess refused to wear gloves outside of her official duties in order to be closer to people and show them love. Once she was caught by the paparazzi with 2 watches on her wrist and it was by no means an accidental style error. Diana loved to express her feelings for the people she loved, and this gesture was intended for someone special.


Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist

It turns out that one watch, the one with the gold chain, belonged to Princess Diana and the other to Prince Charles. Diana wears the groom's watch as a mascot to wish him good luck in the tournament. It turns out that there was a hidden message behind this choice of accessories and it’s a very sentimental story too.


Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist

Princess Diana’s Favourite Watch


As it turned out, the gold watch with a thin strap belonged to Diana – her beloved Cartier Tank watch. She also owned the same style (the classic Cartier Tank timepiece) with a thin black leather strap. It is said that she acquired her first Cartier Tank gold watch for her 21st birthday, costing an estimated £30, 000! Later on, she added the black strap Tank watch to her enviable jewellery collection, which suited her later, more casual style. The darker watch that she was also spotted wearing belonged to Charles. Diana said she wore Charles' watch as a tribute to him and to bring him good luck.


Cartier Tank Watch
Read all about the story of Cartier and Princess Diana's beloved Cartier Tank watch in our December issue, in which we interviewed author and graddaughter of the one the last Cartier store owner's - Francesca Cartier Brickell.

A Tradition from the Middle Ages

This gesture reminded us of an old tradition from the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages it was a tradition to tie a handkerchief on a knight's helmet. The handkerchief is perceived as a symbol of good luck and this is the way to show support.


Why Did Princess Diana Wear Two Watches on Her Wrist

The Tiara Diana Wore for her Wedding

Unfortunately, Diana and Charles' marriage was not successful, but this sweet gesture shows that they definitely had love and affection in their relationship, at least in the very beginning. This was not the only time Diana showed her love with a sentimental gesture. Diana refused to wear the tiara given to her by the Queen on her wedding day. Instead, she chose the one that had been in her family for many years. With this gesture, Diana showed that she decided to stay true to the traditions of her family, because many women, including her sister, had married in this tiara.

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