Why Blogging Wasn’t Working for Me...


Why Blogging Wasn’t Working for Me...


Why Blogging Wasn’t Working for Me...

Instead of giving you a winning formula to a successful blog, let’s discuss why blogging wasn’t working for me at one point in my blogging career. Sometimes I like to look at the opposite side of things in order to recognise where I am going right or wrong. We’re supposed to focus on what goals we want to reach, and what it is that we are doing and how we want to be seen. When I was struggling to define my niche, I found that listing off what my brand wasn’t about made it much easier and clearer. It’s kind of like the act of selection by elimination.

If you were to spend 8 hours a day productively growing your new business, there is almost no way that you could fail! 

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Why Blogging Wasn’t Working for Me

Why Blogging Wasn’t Working for Me

So why wasn’t blogging working for me? Because I wasn’t treating it like a business. We’ve all heard this phrase before but what does it actually mean? I am the first to admit that so many “lessons” and “phrases” we hear in the business world are just words – something we know we should be doing until the action becomes meaningful to you. For me it was always living for that “one day” when I’d have all the answers and I’d feel like a “real blogger”. I’d have structure in my day and know what I needed to do. Editing that image? Learning how to use that new tool? It was all stuff that needed to be taken seriously once I had reached a certain point in my blogging career, but not now (or so I thought). If you don’t have many followers or people reading your blog, why bother to edit the pictures perfectly? Why spend time on proofreading the text or putting the effort into sounding interesting?
Then one day I woke up and realised that everything that I wasn’t doing at that time was the sole reason why I wasn’t and probably never would be where I wanted to be. A consultation with my business coach confirmed this = what I needed was to feel accomplished.
why blogging wasn't working

When are You a “Real Blogger”?

The beauty of blogging is that you can call yourself a blogger as soon as you start blogging. You don’t need to train or wait to obtain a qualification. If you actively blog, you are a blogger. Sometimes this isn’t enough and we have to establish what it is that will make us feel accomplished and more motivated in this role. For me, I needed to feel accomplished in order to push forward and achieve my blogging and business goals. So I first had to work out what I would have to do to feel proficient as a blogger. I began to focus on what I really wanted from my blog and the way in which I wanted to be perceived. Like I mentioned above, carefully considering what my platform was and wasn't, provided the foundation upon which I put my doubts to one side and progressed in my career.

How to Make Blogging Work for You

Blogging wasn't working for me because I wasn't treating it like a business. Despite what you might hear, blogging isn't dead and yes, you can make an attractive full-time income from this industry. However, unlike other careers, you can't go into blogging halfheartedly and just expect to muddle through while earning a decent salary. Blogging is powered by passion and grown by hard work and consistency. It's certainly not a career path for the faint-hearted, but it certainly can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Behind every successful blogger, is a motivated and ambitious individual who loves what they do. If you don't take your blogging venture seriously, it will never become your full-time business. I remember one of my colleagues telling me that if you were to spend 8 hours a day productively working on and promoting your new business, there is almost no way that you could fail! 

Turn Your Blog into a Business And Learn How to Really Earn Money Blogging (seriously)!

This year I launched my own blogging and editorial styling course, an online course full of helpful information and honest advice. I have taken loads of blogging courses in the past but have never quite found one that has been thoroughly worth the investment. I've spent anything from between £5 and £500 on study materials promising to provide me with the skills and knowledge to turn my blog into a successful business, but none have delivered. This is why I decided to create my own. If you are serious about turning your blog into a business or would like to use your blog to sell your own products and services, this course is definitely for you! Don't forget that I managed to turn my blog into a full-time business with a full-time income within just 6 weeks after its launch! 


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