White Monday: The Day for Circular Economy and the Antidote to Black Friday


White Monday: The Day for Circular Economy and the Antidote to Black Friday


White Monday: The Day for Circular Economy and the Antidote to Black Friday

We’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what do you know about White Monday? White Monday is the day for circular economy and the antidote to Black Friday. White Monday always falls on the Monday before Black Friday - the preceding Monday before Cyber Monday. This year White Monday happens on Monday 25th November. I’m pledging to boycott Black Friday this year in favour of supporting White Monday which stands for a much better cause – and I encourage you to do the same, here’s why…

White Monday

What is White Monday?

White Monday was originally founded in Sweden in 2017 and aims to encourage consumers to change their attitudes and behaviour when it comes to overconsumption. Black Friday represents linear, wear and tear consumption and competition. The opposite to Black Friday is circular consumption and collaboration, which is what White Monday is all about. Similar to Yin & Yang, Monday was chosen as the day for this ethical event, and named “white” instead of “black” to emphasise the difference between these two consumer-focused days.

Why Should We Support White Monday?

We’re all guilty of having items in our homes that we’ve purchased but never used. Unwanted fashion items that we’ve hastily snapped up but never worn. Gimmicky hair styling tools or kitchen gadgets that we bought because they claimed to make our lives easier but no longer serve a purpose. One of the first most important positive changes you can make is to realise that you have unused/unwanted items in your home and therefore don’t need any more. Holidays such as Black Friday feed us with ideas that we need to keep buying stuff, when in actual fact we need to stop and take action. We have produced enough products and equally as much waste on this planet, now it is time to take responsibility. Instead of encouraging you to buy more products that will eventually become wasted purchases taking up space in your home, White Monday teaches you how to be resourceful with the items you already own. The White Monday campaign is mainly conducted on the internet, a resource that makes it easy for us to sell or swap unwanted items, as well as teaches us to how to recycle, repair and upcycle what we already own.
White Monday

What Happens on White Monday?

Throughout the day, the 200+ organisations, influencers & companies worldwide will be sharing pictures with the hashtag #WhiteMonday to show their support for the campaign. Watch out for exclusive discounts on circular goods and services from the brands taking part, you can find the full list here. If you’re a business owner, why not use this opportunity as a chance to showcase your ethical business and products, while sharing with your customers your reasons for supporting White Monday.

How Can You Take Part in #WhiteMonday?

On November 25th 2019, share a picture of yourself holding a sign saying: “White Monday” and use the hashtag #WhiteMonday on social media. Many supporters tend to wear white clothing too for their photos, but how you style your photo is up to you. Get as creative as you like and even get your friends involves for a group picture. Check out White Monday’s official Instagram account @whitemonday2019 for inspiration and more information.

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