What's Your Sportswear Style


What's Your Sportswear Style?


What's Your Sportswear Style?

If you're just getting into sports and fitness or you'd like to embrace a new casual style, why not explore what sportswear style works for you. Activewear comes in many different forms - it's not all tracksuits and white trainers. Read on to find out what your sportswear style is and how to wear it well!
We all need casual or activewear to fall back on sometimes. You might be the kind of person who lives for loungewear, in which case that's great! You've found a casual outfit look that works for you. If however, you dread getting invited on walks in the countryside or on adventure holidays and outings because you never know what to wear, this post is for you! We're going to cover a few of the main sporty fashion styles out there to help you decide which one best suits your personality. It might be that you fall into a couple of these style categories. That's fine because you can vary your casual wear outfits, depending on where you're going and what you want to wear.
On the other hand, you might find that you've been completely converted from looking clueless in casual attire to finding your own leisure wear style that you feel completely comfortable in! The reason for writing this post is to help you discover relaxed, off-duty clothing that encourages you to go out and try new things. If you spend the majority of your time dressed up in heels, a blazer, with your hair and make-up pristinely finished then it can be difficult to revert to a super casual look, like wearing sportswear. Yet, that doesn't have to stop you from exploring the great outdoors, getting active and trying new activities. Thanks to our professional styling tips, you're guaranteed to find a look that works for you.
Equestrian Style

Beret, Vest, Scrunchie, Water bottle, Minnirella Leggings

Equestrian Style

Don't own a horse? No problem! Equestrian style is perhaps the best sporty style for those of you who typically sport a glamorous, tailored appearance on a day-to-day basis. You can still look chic while dressing for comfort by swapping sweatpants leggings, optimal riding boots instead of trainers and choosing more structured silhouettes instead of baggy, oversized garments.
Dance style

Dance Style

Whether it's an elegant ballerina or a cool streetstyle dancer, the dancer look is super appealing to those who are looking for a feminine twist on athleisure wear. Dancewear is typically slim-fitting and not bulky, making it perfect for those of you who are looking for minimalistic sporty attire. Generally speaking dance footwear is sleek and minimal, tops can be loose or fitted, worn with either straight or bootcut leggings.
Yoga Style

Vest, Pink scrunchie, Anchor scrunchie, Minnirella leggings, Hoodie, Water bottle

Yoga Style

Yoga outfits are similar to dancewear, except that they tend to be a straight fit from top to bottom. If you're after an athletic look that doesn't involve baggy clothing then this could be the style for you. Think vest tops, leggings and pumps and you've got yourself a complete look!
Gym style

Scarlet leggings, Tote bag, Hoodie dress, Red scrunchie, White scrunchie


Gym Style

Last but not least, we have the traditional gym-goer style. Usually consisting of a hooded sweater, leggings or sweatpants and sports trainers. It is ideal for those who love loungewear, enjoy the relaxed fit of sweatpants and adore a good pair of trainers! This outfit is super stylish, yet ultra comfortable, no matter whether you're off to the gym, curling up on the sofa to watch Netflix or off out on a weekend walk.
So there you have it! Did you manage to find a look that best suits your style identity? Don't forget to check out our online styling help for more personal style advice tailored to your needs!