What to Pack for a Winter City Break


What to Pack for a Winter City Break


What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Knowing what to pack for a winter city break can be difficult. This checklist will give you lots of guidance and inspiration so that you can go and enjoy a fantastic weekend away, minus the packing hassles. We’ve got it covered – everything from what travel case to take, how to make the most of the space in your travel bag, to what winter city break outfits you should prepare and pack.
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What to Pack for a Winter City Break
Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a city break in an exciting destination. Packing for a winter break however, is not such a pleasant prospect. If you’re not careful and don’t monitor what you add to your suitcase, you could easily find yourself loading in a mismatched assortment of garments! Another issue is whether you take a standard size suitcase with you on your travels or attempt to squeeze everything into a smaller travel case?! Luckily, I have the solutions right here:

What to Pack for a Weekend Trip

Knowing what to pack for a weekend trip depends largely on the general climate of your destination. Some obvious, but essential items might include:
An umbrella
Waterproof cape
• Comfortable shoes (these fold-up shoes are space-saving and perfect for quickly switching out of your heels).

As for preparing your city break outfits, it is best to plan out a few key items that you wish to take and then plan outfits around these pieces. Sometimes I might plan a complete outfit around a particular lipstick that I wish to wear, whereas other times I prefer to select main outfit pieces (such as trousers, coat, shirts) and add to them until I have a complete look. I would recommend that you chose a few simple but stylish outfits that can be mixed, matched and worn together. If your luggage allowance is limited, you don’t want to fill your suitcase with statement pieces that can’t be worn with your other clothing.

Winter City Break Outfit 1

What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Outfit 1: let’s take a look at the look above. It’s a basic outfit consisting of black trousers and a plain white shirt. I’ve made it glamorous by choosing interesting footwear and accessories. When your luggage allowance is limited, stick to a basic colour theme for your clothing and focus your attention on stylish accessories! I’ve added these flat ankle boots which can be worn for day or night because they offer glamour as well as comfort. To add colour, I’ve chosen a classic red lipstick. Then for practicality I’ve picked a cross-body bag for fashion and functionality! Add a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go! Although I strongly advise my clients to experiment with colours and tones that suit their skin tones, never underestimate the versatility of a monochrome colour palette!

Winter City Break Outfit 2

What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Outfit 2: loungewear – a traveller’s most favoured style companion! Gone are the days when loungewear was ill-fitting and only available in weak, unflattering shades. Now, sweaters and knitwear can be just as stylish and feminine as many other popular outfit combinations. If you’re haunted by the vision of 90s shell suits and other terrible tracksuit trends from the past, it is advisable to stick to a simple colour palette when choosing loungewear items. In this case I would recommend black and white – a colour combination that suits the largest proportion of skin tones and makes casual clothing look more formal. A pair of straight leg sweatpants, a chunky knit jumper, a white lace vest worn underneath, teamed with lace-up trainers and an “it holds everything” tote bag is the perfect attire for long city strolls.

Winter City Break Outfit 3
What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Outfit 3: Layering is a classic technique most recommended when taking a winter city break. Of course, no fashion garment is better for layering than the classic trench coat. This winter city break outfit number 3 is for the “jeans lover”, the one who can’t be separated from their most favourite pair of jeans which is why they're the ideal accompaniment when travelling. As a huge jeans fan myself, I feel that everybody should own a pair of jeans that makes their way into every potential outfit line-up. Layering jeans, a long-sleeve top, a chunky scarf, and a trench coat which coincidentally doubles up as both a coat and a raincoat (read more about the history of the trench coat). A pair of platform trainers in a solid colour will help to maintain the glamour without you having to sacrifice comfort!

The Best Cabin Case for City Breaks

Another issue for many weekend travellers is finding the best type of travel case that caters to your specific needs. The majority of people taking short breaks away don’t need to check their suitcases in to the luggage compartment when flying. A cabin case is sufficient but finding the perfect cabin case that is small enough yet highly functional is no easy task. This is why I recommend The Travel Hack Cabin Case by Cabin Max – a product born as the result of top UK travel blogger Monica Stott teaming with quality luggage company Cabin Max. The Travel Hack Cabin Case provides its owner with everything they’ll ever need when travelling for any possible reason. No matter whether you’re travelling on business and need easy access to your tablet or laptop, or in need of a spacious compartment for packing all of your home comforts, this is the bag you need! And if you're travelling with kids, you might want to check out this Ultimate Guide to the Best Kids Carry on Luggage
What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Here are some of the many benefits to the Travel Hack Cabin Case:

• It’s lightweight – just 2kg when empty
• It has been made to meet the specific size regulations set by most airlines, so it’s guaranteed to fit in the hold as cabin baggage
• The main compartment of the case is 28 litres!
• It holds A LOT! As well as the huge main compartment, there are lots of other smaller compartments for packing smaller possessions
• The variety of small compartments, as well as its main 28-litre compartment is perfect for organising your belongings. So it easier for when you have to access liquids, cosmetics and electrical items when passing through security checks.
• On top of the case there is an additional easy-to-access large compartment which is perfect for carrying your handbag.
• There is also a well-padded pocket for carrying laptops and tablets – wide enough for you to access your laptop with ease whenever you need. No struggling to remove or pack the laptop like with most laptop pockets!
• For the fashion conscious: the case is black and rose gold! The main colour is black and the zips are an elegant shade of rose gold.
• This Travel Hack Cabin Case also offers all of the standard handle options to carry or pull the case along.

Clever Packing and Organisation Tips

What to Pack for a Winter City Break
Making good use of the space available to you in your luggage is a wise idea when packing for a winter mini break. When packing for a winter weekend break your luggage is full of chunky knitwear and bulky garments, unlike the light, breezy fabrics associated with summer travel. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your luggage space, including some clever packing and organisation tips:
• Packing boots? Boots are bulky, but the insides have the capacity to hold at least one carefully rolled up t-shirt, skirt or other lightweight garment. Simply roll the garment into a neat roll and place inside each boot.
• Rather than stacking your clothing high in your suitcase, try spreading it flat so that it covers a wider area. This will take up less space.
• Buy a mini set of travel size empty cosmetic bottles. Pour small quantities of your shower gel, shampoo and other cosmetic liquids in so that you don’t have to take your huge bottles with you.
• Be prepared for rain! Raincoats and umbrellas are bulky and inconvenient to carry around when exploring new exhibits on a mini break. I’d highly recommend taking a portable raincoat poncho to keep you dry. They fold down to a tiny size, making them easy to store and transport.
• Love to take photos? Leave your tripod and heavy camera equipment at home and simply choose the Spivo 360 waterproof swivel selfie stick. Comaptible with GoPro cameras as well as camera phones, the Spivo can turn up to 360 degrees on its single selfie stick, which makes capturing selfies fast and simple! Plus, it acts like a tripod by giving you the option to focus the camera away from you, onto a subject in front of you.

Happy Travels and Stay Safe!