Ethical Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home


Ethical Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home


Ethical Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home

If you love air fresheners & scents but want a more eco-friendly way to fragrance your living space, you'll adore these vegan candles & scents for the home!
Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home
Scented candles and other air fresheners help to transition your house into a home. There's nothing better than coming home to a fresh smelling home, welcoming you with a delightful fragrance. I've always loved scented candles and other home aromas but unfortunately not all of them are good for the environment or the air you breathe. Here are some excellent, tried and approved vegan candles and scents for your home. If you're not into making your own DIY home aromas then that's fine. You can purchase these ethical air fresheners to make your home look and smell good!
Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home
Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home

Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser by Boostology is one of my new favourite items! It works in a similar way to potpourri but more versatile. Once you purchase the essential oil diffuser, no part of it ever needs to be thrown away. It's a stylish and environmentally-friendly way of adding fragrance to your home. The scent comes from essential oils that you add to the Lava and Obsidian stones. Once the stones have absorbed the essential oil and is no longer radiating a scent, you simply add a few more drops of your chosen oil to restore the fragrance. The diffuser contains two types of natural stones: Lava and Obsidian. The Lava acts like a sponge, soaking up the oil and then slowly releasing it into your room. Crystal healers use Lava rocks to provude themselves with calmness and strength; whilst Obsidian is said to be protective, shielding you from negativity.
Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home
I think this is an amazing idea and I'm so impressed by this product. I adore natural smelling vegan candles and scents for the home and this diffuser is so beautiful. It's a really attractive piece of homeware and gives you the option to fragrance your home with any aroma you choose. So for example, in the winter I would prefer a heavier scent, whereas lighter fragrances are more suitable for the summer. The Boostology diffuser enables you to fragrance your potpourri with any essential oil scent you like, which means that you can personalise your aroma to suit your own tastes.

How Does the Essential Oil Diffuser Work?

It's really simple. Obviously, it's recommended to keep out reach of children and pets but even so, it's doesn't pose such a serious safety risk as candles. The scent from the potpourri is enough to fragrance an average size room. If you're looking for a product that provides you with a consistent aroma throughout your home then you could buy a couple of diffusers to sit in different rooms. As well as being a functional and interesting feature in your living area, the essential oil diffuser also works well in kitchens and home gyms.
  • Place your potpourri anywhere in your home or work space for a slow releasing, subtle fragrance in your room.
  • If you want to amplify the scent, keep your potpourri in a warm, well ventilated area. Try a sunny windowsill, on a mantelpiece above a fireplace or by a radiator, as this will help the essential oil to evaporate faster and strengthen the aroma in your room.
  • For an added boost - pick up your potpourri, close your eyes and take three slow deep breath to lift your mood.
  • To reset your diffuser, simply wait until your original fragrance has evaporated from the rocks. If you wish to change your fragrance and don't want to wait until your current scent has evaporated, simply wash the stones in warm soapy water and allow them to try. You're then ready to start again and fragrance your stones with your new scent.
You can purchase the Boostology natural diffuser in either amber or black here.
Vegan Candles and Scents for the Home

Vegan Soy Candles

I love scented candles but because they're made from wax, they're not suitable for vegans or those supporting cruelty-free living. One of the reasons why I switched to vegan candles and scents for the home is because they're more ethical and better for our health too. Candles do produce a lot of waste and typical candles can contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Although standard scented candles have a wonderful calming scent, they might actually be polluting the air around you. This is a common problem with a lot of air fresheners and home scents. They really help to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, when actually they could be contributing to breathing difficulties and adding harmful chemicals to the air around you.
This is why I'd recommend switching to soy candles. Soy candles are a natural, vegan alternative to regular candles. They're better for the environment and typically don't contain any harmful chemicals. Soy wax is also more eco-friendly and the leftover wax can easily be recycled into many other things. In order to reduce the waste caused from using candles, I'd recommend researching ways in which you can use the remnants of wax leftover after burning your candle. If your candle comes in a glass jar then either recycle the glass holder or wash out the remaining wax and use the glass for something else. Top tip: remember to trim your candle wick! Trimming your candle wick in between uses will make the candle last longer. When the wick is left too long, the candle burns faster and you will have to replace them more frequently.


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