20 Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products to Buy Now!


20 Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products to Buy Now!


20 Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products to Buy Now!

Looking to try something new and exciting that’s also cruelty-free? Here is my list of 20 top cruelty-free beauty products that I highly recommend!
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Narrowing Down My Search for the Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Since turning completely cruelty-free and only supporting cruelty-free make-up and fashion brands, I have stumbled across many wonderful new brands! In the beginning of my journey, I believed that my new ethical journey would be far more difficult in regards to finding replacements for my favoured cosmetics. My former collection of beauty products consisted of pieces from a range of brands at different price points, including: Estee Lauder, Chanel, MAC, Rimmel, Clinique, Maybelline, Maxfactor, Calvin Klein, and more. When selecting cruelty-free beauty products, I choose them in the same way I would choose any other type of product. I have my desired colours, textures, results in mind when shopping for beauty products and I don’t buy products just because they are cruelty-free.

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Initially, finding any type of cruelty-free beauty item proved challenging. If you simply look at product packaging that clearly stated its ethical status then the search could be a long one. Doing some research beforehand can help you immensely in discovering a wealth of high quality, ethical brands that meet your requirements. Don’t be fooled into believing that the choice of cruelty-free cosmetics is limited. Contrary to what you may also be lead to believe, you are also certainly not limited in choice of colours, textures, finishes, and other product elements. From my list below, you may be surprised at how many wonderful, high quality products are cruelty-free!

20 Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products to Buy Now!

Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(left to right) Milani matte lipstick in Passion, Milani matte lipstick in Beauty, Catrice ombre lipstick, NYX butter lipstick, ArtDeco perfect colour lipstick, Catrice lip artist.
If you are looking for a cruelty-free alternative to MAC's Lady Danger then Milani's Passion is the one for you! Both of the Milani matte lipsticks give a wonderful matte finish whilst leaving your lips feeling soft and moisturised - unlike many matte lip products.
The Catrice Ombre lipstick is a fun product to keep in your make-up bag, giving you a unique look in one easy swipe.
For a quick, glossy flash of glamour, consider the NYX butter lipstick range. I chose this shade of orange because I personally wouldn't wear such a bright shade of orange in a matte finish. It glides on smoothly and makes your lips feel soft and smooth.
The smooth, heavier packaging of the ArtDeco lipsticks gives the impression of classic luxury. The prominent clickable lid, the heavy bullet casing and the highly pigmented colour makes applying lipstick all the more enjoyable. If you love brands such as NARS then you will love ArtDeco.
Sometimes, all you really want is that perfect "my lips but better" shade. This is where the Catrice Lip Artist crayon comes into play. Shade 010 is the perfect, most flattering natural lip shade that has become my go-to colour for everyday wear.
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(left to right) ArtDeco long-lasting foundation, Deborah Milano BB Cream.
Unlike many high street brands of foundation, this ArtDeco foundation provides full coverage without looking too matte or overdone. Forget the unwanted "flaky" skinned, "cakey" appearance of poor performing, affordable foundations, head to the ArtDeco stand instead and try this one!
During the summer I decided to try out my first ever BB cream. This 5-in-1 BB cream by Deborah Milano buffs into the skin flawlessly, giving you a very light but high performing coverage and concealing! Battling my mild adult acne, freckles, acne scarring and redness is an almighty task, but surprisingly this BB cream gives the appearance of very natural, perfect looking skin.
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above) Catrice eyeshadow palette
Even the biggest fans of monochrome palettes and nude can you buy neurontin online shades will love this eyeshadow palette from Catrice. The elegant chrome finish helps to elevate standard nude tones by supplementing a healthy dose of subtle glamour.
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above left to right) E.L.F eyebrow stencils, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Essence eyebrow gel, Catrice Ultra Precise eyebrow pencil.
Eyebrows. We spend all of our time plucking away at them, only to then search far and wide for products that successfully aid us on our mission to create naturally full looking brows. I think my chosen pieces for brows just about says it all. Here you have everything that you will need to stencil, define, fill and set your eyebrows.
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above) Catrice ALLROUND Contouring Palette.
Contouring is not a new make-up technique. Like many other types of trends, contouring and other techniques come and go. Despite the internet claiming that contouring has had its time now, subtle contouring is a fantastic make-up artistry technique that can easily be incorporated into your regular make-up routine to highlight, sculpt and conceal. This handy little palette by Catrice makes contouring controllable and simple!
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above) ArtDeco Art Couture Lash Designer mascara.
Looking for a mascara that gives you long, smooth looking lashes that doesn't clump? This ArtDeco mascara is ideal for wearing with eyeliner, including delicate feline flicks which you may not want to overpower with dramatic looking mascara. This one rivals some of the high-end mascaras I have tried! So if you want elegant, feline, long lashes but not overly thick or dramatic then I would highly recommend this mascara from ArtDeco.
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above) Makeup Revolution blusher palette in Sugar and Spice, and Hot Spice.
These palettes give you an excellent selection of blush shades to choose from, as well as 1 marble blush shade and 1 white/cream highlighter per palette too. So provided that you purchase the correct blush palette for your skin tone, the palette should see you through your most peaky winter complexion, to your radiant summertime glow!!
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above left to right) ArtDeco long-lasting foundationMilani matte lipstick in Beauty, Batiste dry shampoo, Makeup Revolution Banana Powder.
You've probably seen Batiste dry shampoo around before. But did you know that it was cruelty-free? Personally, I love this XXL volume dry shampoo spray from Batiste - it gives my hair a much needed boost and an enviable hairdo in seconds!
Banana powder is a face powder with colour correcting properties. It is a yellow tinted loose powder that contains high levels of talc, making it the perfect type of face powder for humid climates, for oily skin and for setting layers of make-up. Banana powder is used in numerous make-up application techniques including "baking", "highlighting", "contouring", "colour correction and concealing", and as a regular make-up powder. This is great if you are prone to red tones in your skin or pesky grey circles under the eyes. This is now my preferred face powder!
Top Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
(above top to bottom) Catrice HD Camouflage Concealer, Catrice Light-Reflecting Concealer.
These two concealers by Catrice are now my only go-to concealers that I will use. If my skin is looking tired and requires only a small amount of concealing and just generally more of a "boost" then I will use the light-reflecting concealer. With its pen-like design, it is very easy to apply and gives you full control over how much you actually apply. When I need fuller coverage, the HD camouflage concealer is fast and effective in covering a range of skin imperfections. What I love most about these concealers is that they work extremely well in concealing all types of skin imperfections, so I don't need to constantly switch between different types of concealers.
I hope you found this useful. Note: These are my own personal opinions and although I am sure you will be more than satisfied with the items listed above, it does depend on personal preferences.