Tips for Choosing Underwear by Leia Lingerie


Tips for Choosing Underwear by Leia Lingerie


Tips for Choosing Underwear by Leia Lingerie


This week I asked the lovely team at Leia Lingerie for their tips for choosing underwear. Not everybody pays lots of attention to what they wear underneath their clothes, but investing in flattering and well fitting lingerie can help to set the perfect foundations to create the perfect silhouette. 

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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Could you please tell us more about Leia and what you offer?

Leia offers lingerie and swimwear from a great choice of leading brands including Freya, Fantasie, Wacoal and Elomi, all featuring beautiful designs and delicate detailing in cup sizes A – K and back sizes 28” – 48”. At Leia, we are dedicated to transforming how you look and feel - catering for all body shapes, it is our aim to help you look fabulous and feel fantastic with lingerie that fits you perfectly


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Good underwear acts as the foundations to a well fitting, flattering outfit. Can you provide any handy, professional tips for choosing underwear?

We recommend getting fitted regularly, ideally every six months, as our bodies are changing all the time and it’s important to keep checking your bra size. Understanding your bust type is also important for finding the right style to suit your shape. We have bra fitting advice pages on Leia to help customers which can be found here. Our fitting video which can be found on Youtube is also extremely helpful for those that might not be able to go into store and getting fitted.


If somebody was looking for a basic capsule collection of plain underwear which of your products would you recommend?

At Leia, we have a wide selection of essential lingerie collections across all of our brands that are perfect for everyday wear. Freya’s Freya Fancies, Idol and Deco collections are extremely popular and offer a huge range of bra styles to suit every shape in a variety of must-have colourways. Fantasie’s much-loved Rebecca collection is also a firm favourite for natural shape and fantastic support, and has recently been updated with a sensuous lacy addition for a touch of luxury to an everyday style. Cate and Matilda from Elomi are also best-sellers, offering uncompromising support in up to a K cup. While Wacoal’s Embrace Lace collection offers a range of classic and timeless shapes in super soft and comfortable stretch lace.  


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Every Outfit Needs Good Foundations

These tips for choosing underwear will ensure a positive affect on your overall silhouette. One of the underlying reasons for why your clothing isn’t hanging how you’d like is due to the lingerie you’re wearing underneath. An ill-fitting bra can cause ‘over-spill’ which is often visible underneath your clothing and creates a fuller silhouette in the most unflattering way. The same can be said for other lingerie garments such as briefs. A shocking proportion of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. Not only are you wasting your money by not buying underwear that fits properly, it can also hinder sports performance (ill-fitting sports bras) and provide you with daily physical discomfort. In addition, getting fitted properly and finding lingerie that suits your everyday needs and style will positively transform your body shape instantly! Good underwear is the start to a great outfit, so laying poor foundations will only hinder your subsequent styling attempts. A quality set of well-fitting underwear may be just what you need in order to fake a 10lbs weight loss instantly, possibly elongate a short waist, or to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.


Tips for Choosing Underwear for Different Body Shapes

Another important point to remember when choosing underwear is the importance of getting measured properly. If you are petite and have a small frame then wearing a band size that is too large and has straps that are very thick may overpower your delicate frame and narrow shoulders.

Have you ever wondered why some bras that were made especially for your (small/normal/large) bust do not look as good as they should? That’s because you have to consider the shape of your bust as well as the size.

Generally, there are 4 different types of bras for 4 different bust shapes and sizes. These are:

  • Small bust size
  • Medium bust size
  • Large bust size
  • Lack of breast substance

Lack of Breast Substance: What Is it and What Bra Style is Best?

The latter – lack of breast substance is where many women go wrong when buying bras. Even if you have a large bust, if you lack substance in the upper front part of your breast then some bras for big-busted ladies will not look as flattering as they could.

So what is breast substance? Breast substance is the tissue in the top part of your breast; it is the part below your collar bone and is where the breast starts – it is also the “cleavage” part that may sometimes be shown when wearing a low cut top. An ideal bra style in this case would be the Balcony bra style.

Tips for Choosing Underwear

Tips for Choosing Underwear for Bigger Busts

If you have a larger, fuller bust you will need a lot of support but nothing too bulky as that will drown your frame. Extra support will help to prevent your bust from dropping below your bra band line, which can shorten the length of your waist and often makes your upper body appear short but wide, even if you normally have a very narrow waistline.  

Tips for Choosing Underwear for Smaller Busts

Smaller busts have the option to either create the illusion of a fuller bust by opting for a push-up bra or a padded bra. On the other hand you may want to stick to pretty, delicate style such as bralettes which accentuate the femininity of a smaller bust perfectly.

Tips for Choosing Underwear


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