This Week I’ve Been Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards"


This Week I’ve Been Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards"


This Week I’ve Been Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards"

Life as a blogger is always varied. You get to work on so many fun and interesting projects; and you can never be sure what will come your way next. This week I’ve been judging the CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards. I was recently sent a box of lovely, natural lip products to review and this week I’ve been concluding the remainder of my judging work in this contest. Here’s a look at the products I’ve been reviewing, along with my product feedback.
Clean Beauty Awards

What are the Clean Beauty Awards?

The Clean Beauty Awards is a beauty contest hosted by CertClean. It judges clean beauty products across 14 different categories, including hair products, lip care, and many more. The reason this award is called the Clean Beauty Awards is because the contest only takes into consideration beauty items that do not contain harmful chemicals. The clean beauty products submitted for examination are from brands from all over the world.
Clean Beauty Awards

My Role as a Judge in the Clean Beauty Awards

It was my job this time to judge a collection of clean lip care products. A couple of weeks ago I was sent a box of lip care products from natural brands and I’ve certainly had fun testing them. After I tested them, I submitted my ratings and opinions for each of the items. Naturally, when you are asked to test out new beauty products, the thought can be as exciting as it is curious. I am a huge of supporter of natural beauty products, as I believe in eliminating contact with harmful chemicals as much as possible. Unfortunately, many consumers are completely unaware of the types of ingredients that go into the everyday cosmetics that we use to maintain our oral health, keep ourselves clean, and in our makeup products. If you’ve ever had a bad reaction of any sort after using any type of cosmetic, I’d strongly advise you to try organic alternatives that contain friendlier ingredients. Take the beauty category I was judging in this contest for example: lip care. I generally don’t suffer bad reactions from using cosmetics however, some non-natural lip products can cause your lips to peel, dry them out, and overall do more harm than good. This is why I was so eager to test out this collection of free-from lip care products. Below I go into detail about what I thought of each of the products I tested.
Clean Beauty Awards

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy

Admittedly, I was quite confused by the name of this product. It’s called nipple balm rather than lip balm. Although listed is a number of recommended ways to use the product, there is nothing to explain the peculiar name. I really liked this product. The lip balm is really moisturising and quickly absorbs into the skin. It comes in a squeezable tube, which I personally don’t really like, but that’s the only negative aspect to the item. The scent and texture is what also pushed this item to the top of my list because it doesn’t have an overly strong scent, which for some can be off-putting.

Bellus Stix Balm

The Bellus Stix Balm is a traditional stick of lip balm. It’s one of those that you apply directly on to your lips. If you’re looking to coat your lips with something then this would suffice. Personally, I found the consistency greasy and it didn’t absorb well. I didn’t feel like it moisturised my lips well. On the other hand, if you want a basic lip balm that is easy to apply and adds shine to your lips then I would recommend this product.

JABONERIA MARIANELLA The Royal Kalahari Under Eye and Lip Serum Roller Oil

This roller ball lip and under eye serum is an excellent 2-in-1 product. It is easy to apply and works well as both a lip balm and an under eye serum. I don’t have any issues with this lip product at all, other than its scent. Now, naturally scented cosmetics really appeal to some people and not to others. Also, it all depends on personal preference too. Personally, I didn’t like the scent of this lip oil. It was a bit strong for me, which I found a bit off-putting when applying it to my lips.

Elevé Cosmetics Lip LUV Lip Treatment

Lip LUV Lip Treatment is more like a lip gloss than a lip care item. I believe that “lip treatment” is supposed to indicate the gloss’s lip plumping capabilities. Lip Luv gloss is an easy-to-wear lip gloss. Many lip plumping glosses can feel uncomfortable to wear because they often sting your lips slightly, but this one doesn’t! The scent is refreshingly mild and minty, so not an overwhelming aroma that could potentially deter you from using the product. I really liked the Elevé Cosmetics Lip LUV Lip Treatment.

#LipGlam - The multi award winning beauty balm

#LipGlam is a multipurpose liquid balm. The consistency reminds me of honey, but the taste and texture is not sticky or sweet. As indicated on the product packaging, you can use #LipGlam as a moisturising eyelash base before applying mascara, to treat dry skin, and as a lip balm. I’ve tried it in all 3 of these ways and would have to say that it works well for these purposes. It comes in a squeezable tube and it instructs you to warm up the balm between your fingers before applying.

Eco Tan Glory Lips

For a basic stick lip balm, I really like this item! It comes in a big, chunky size and resembles a jumbo glue stick like the ones we often used at school. I later found out that the reason the company designs it in such a way was so that it would be difficult for users to lose. You know how it is with lipsticks and lip balms…you put them into your coat pocket or your bag and all of a sudden they’re lost forever. If you’re one of the many who complain that they’re always losing their lip balm then this would be ideal for you!

Lowen's Creamsicle - Lip balm

This lip balm comes in a cute little stick form. Speaking from my own personal experience, I didn’t like this lip balm at all. In its defence it glides on well and has a lovely texture but it made my lips burn like crazy. I accept that lip plumping products are supposed to have this effect, but this is purely a simple lip balm and therefore I couldn't see any practical reason why it was so uncomfortable to wear. I don’t have overly sensitive skin and rarely have I experienced adverse effects or allergic reactions to cosmetic products I’ve tested, which is why I was surprised that this one did. I haven’t used this product since because it was quite an uncomfortable sensation.

Pevonia Rapid-Restore Lip Balm

When I started using this scent-free, rapid-restore lip balm it was just what I needed. It claimed to sooth and repair dried and chapped lips overnight. I started to use this lip balm a few weeks ago when I was suffering from dry lips, probably owing to the change of seasons, and I noticed positive results within 1-2 days. However, the product seemed to quickly dry up in its squeezable tube and I’ve not been able to use it since. I don’t why this was but it’s something to consider if you’re thinking about testing out this lip product.

Dianne Caine Australia Lip Restore

The Dianne Caine Australia Lip Restore is another intensive lip treatment offering fast and effective restoration for dry lips. This lip restore cream is scent-free and once again, comes in a squeezable tube. I really like this product. As a lip repair cream it does what it says and absorbs well into your skin quickly after application.

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm 'Nomad' Lip Balm

I loved this lip balm. As a simple stick lip balm it offers incredible nourishment. It’s easy to apply and gently glides along the lips. This lip balm is slightly scented but its lavender scent is so incredibly subtle and calming that I don’t find it at all off-putting. The scent of Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm 'Nomad' Lip Balm is not at all overpowering and unless you strongly dislike the smell of lavender, you wouldn’t have an issue with this lip balm.

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