Things I Love this Week | August 2018


Things I Love this Week | August 2018


Things I Love this Week | August 2018

It has been a couple of years since I’ve put together monthly favourites post or anything similar. There are always so many new things that I try, love and want to share but never end up doing so. So, I thought that I would put together a quick, laid-back post on what I’ve been enjoying recently. This post is a little different to other posts I will probably write in the future, as this month’s list of favourite things include two TV programmes! I am not a television addict at all. I rarely find myself getting engrossed in anything that comes on TV. However, this week I have found not one, but two shows that have got me hooked! All in all, these are eight of my favourite things that I love this week!
Balea shower foam

Balea Shower Gel Foam

Ok, this is something I’ve liked for the past couple of months. It is vegan shower foam. So, basically it’s a shower gel that comes in foam form. Each flavour smells divine and it is just an overall lovely product. I didn’t think it would last as long as it has, but it’s also turning out to be a very economical purchase as well! What’s not to love!?

My New Editorial Planner

I’ve just launched my new editorial planner. My one year ultimate editorial planner is ideal for bloggers and creative business owners who want to know how to plan content, plan out ideas for sponsored collaborations, how to create a social media content calendar, and lots more. This is a great tool to use alongside my new Blogging and Styling Course which is basically a course full of all my tips and practices that I put into action to run my blogging business. We will look at everything that I do during the day and what you need to be doing in order to grow your blog or market your products/services through your blog in 2018 and beyond. I’m not holding any advice back, this is everything you need to know to earn money from your blog!
NYX Ever

NYX Lip Liner in Shade “EVER”

NYX is cruelty-free as you probably know and it offers such a fantastic choice of products. I love NYX. Ever since my 1-year-quitting-shopping challenge finished in May of this year, I have admittedly been buying some lovely new make-up from NYX. To be completely honest, there are many products that I love from MAC, but seeing as they test on animals – I simply wouldn’t contemplate ever buying from them. Over time I’ve discovered some great cruelty-free dupes for popular MAC products, for e.g. this shade of lipstick is identical to Lady Danger and this NYX lip liner in shade “Ever” is just like MAC’S lip liner “Spice”. This shade is really flattering and a fabulous shade to wear at any time of year.
NYX total control foundation

NYX Total Control Foundation

I struggle to find a foundation that covers imperfections but doesn’t look to heavy. I love heavy make-up looks on others, but it isn’t a style that I like to wear myself. If I decide to opt for a heavier make-up look, I turn my attention towards eyes or lips, rather than loading on the foundation. I purchased this foundation just over a month ago and it is my favourite foundation that I have ever owned. That is definitely saying something, as I get sent a lot of products to try, varying in price from budget to high-end. This foundation gives you full control over how much you apply and it is really easy to blend in too. I have the shade “Beige”, which is a perfect match to my skin. I do have a bit of a tan at the moment, so I might buy a lighter shade for winter and in the meantime as my tan fades I can mix the two.
Catrice nail polish

Catrice Nail Polish

Catrice is an affordable high street make-up brand that offers a lovely choice of affordable make-up products. I particularly love their nail colours. This hibiscus pink and grey-blue are two of my favourite shades from the brand. They’re very unusual tones and everybody comments on how pretty my nails look when I wear them.

My Sony Camera

As a professional blogger and stylist, I use my iPhone, DSLR, or Sony digital camera for photography. I know that a lot of people think iPhones are great for photography, but I’m afraid that nothing beats the professional look of photos produced with better quality cameras. My DSLR has been a business game changer. However, I have to add in here that my Sony digital camera is an excellent runner up. In fact, quite often I will take out my Sony digital camera instead of the DSLR. It isn’t the cheapest digital camera on the market and you can definitely find a basic DSLR for the same price or cheaper, but I have to stress the high quality and convenience of the Sony camera. On one or two occasions my professional photographer friends have thought the pictures taken with the Sony were taken with a much more expensive camera. I’ve really enjoyed taking the Sony camera out and about again. It’s light and easy to carry. It’s discrete and it products amazing images! I’d highly recommend this camera!


GirlBoss Series Netflix

I started watching the GirlBoss series when it was originally released. But then I got half way through the series, forgot how many episodes I’d watched before deciding to relocate and undertake numerous other time-consuming tasks in my personal and business life. Life just got in the way and when that happens, watching Netflix is one of the activities I prioritise least! Revelation of the week No. 2: I don’t actually think that’s a good thing! Over the past few weeks I’ve been making more of an effort to enjoy chilled out leisure time when I’m not working. This is something that is still really difficult for me. At times I would love to be one of those people who can sit down and consume endless Netflix series! This thought reminded me of how I had really enjoyed watching the GirlBoss series and so I decided to carry on watching the episodes I’d not yet seen. I’ve now finished the whole series and loved it! I am aware that it didn’t get great reviews from critics or Sophia Amorous herself. Perhaps I’m one of the only people disappointed when they heard there wasn’t going to be a season 2!

Written in Blood Series – CBS

A little different from the glitter and glamour of vintage clothes you see in GirlBoss, Written in Blood is gruesome yet gripping. This CBS series is a factual documentary series about crimes that inspired the work of crime novelists. The series also explores how each murder case was solved and gives a deep insight into the way that forensic examinations are carried out. This is where I make the perhaps surprising revelation that I have been fascinated by forensic science ever since I was a teenager. I dealt a lot with criminal cases in my last business and the crime-solving aspects never failed to interest me.

I’m going to see The Meg in 3D later today. Have you seen it? What favourites of yours would you recommend to me this month?