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This week I've been having a lot of fun trying out Eylure's new Enchanted gift set. It's a fantastic little pack of three sets of false eyelashes in different sizes. I've long been a fan of Eylure fake lashes. They're vegan, cruelty-free, easy-to-apply and give a high quality appearance. Read on for my review of The Enchanted gift Eylure false lash set, as well as my tried and tested tips for applying false lashes well.

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Reviewing the Enchanted Gift Set by Eylure

Eylure is a terrific brand of fake lashes. As I've previously mentioned, they're vegan, cruelty-free and give a professional, natural-looking finish. Their lashes are always comfortable and lightweight to wear, making them perfect for everyday wear should you choose to wear them on a daily basis. The seam is thin and practically invisible once the lashes have been applied, but the seams area easy to apply glue to. If you're using your false lashes for personal use then you can reuse them multiple times before each pair need replacing. In between uses, I make sure that I store my lashes correctly in their original box and peel off any excess glue from the previous application.
Over the years, false eyelashes have really evolved. They've become more and more realistic, so much so that it can be difficult to tell if somebody is wearing fake lashes or not. One of the factors that makes quality lashes look so authentic is that some sets of lashes come with directions as to which eye each lash strip should be applied. So basically, some sets come with a little "L" and "R" on them. This means that the lash strip next to each letter should be applied to a particular eye - either your left or right. There is a reason for this. If you have a pack of lashes with "Left" and "Right" lashes, observe the shape of each lash strip (like these below). Notice how the lashes are fuller and longer towards the outer edge in order to resemble the shape of natural lashes? Applying left or right lashes to the wrong side would be a noticeable faux pas.
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This pack from Eylure, which you can purchase from the False Eyelashes website, is a makeup bag essential. The Enchanted pack would also make an ideal gift too! The kit contains 3 sets of eyelashes in varying styles. The first is very natural, the second pair  is slightly longer and a little more voluminous, and the third set is much more intense.  Below is how each set of lashes look when I tried them on myself:

Set 1

[gallery size="full" ids="9638,9637,9636"]

Set 2

[gallery size="full" ids="9641,9640,9639"]

Set 3

[gallery columns="4" size="full" ids="9645,9644,9643,9642"]

I'd also recommend this box of lashes to anybody who is just getting to grips with wearing synthetic lashes and isn't sure which size or style to choose from. The Eylure Enchanted gift set is also ideal for those who want an inclusive set of lashes for every occasion. This pack of three would last you quite a while if you're only using them on yourself, and they provide you with a set of lashes for any occasion.

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Top Tips on Wearing and Maintaining False Lashes

  1. For extra impact, double up your false eyelashes before applying them. Simply stack one strip of lashes on top of another, glue them together if needed (if the seams are no longer tacky) and then apply as you would normally apply a single set of lashes.
  2. Create a curve in the lash strip to better fit your eye shape by wrapping the lash strip around a makeup brush handle for a couple of minutes before application. Not all strips of lashes suit every shape. Some people have a rounder eye shape, whereas others have a less curvy, wider eye shape. Different eye shapes may make applying false eyelash strips difficult, unless you make a few edits to your false lashes before wearing them.
  3. Don't be afraid to trim your fake lashes in order to achieve the right fit. Trim them at the seam if they're too wide. As you feel more confident, you can also try cutting into the lashes to achieve different lengths and textures. And of course, should you feel that your false lashes are too long, you can always cut them down in length too. Cutting a little at a time will help you to avoid making any mistakes.
  4. Don't apply your eyelashes immediately after applying glue to the seam. Always wait 30-60 seconds before applying the false eyelashes to your natural lash line. The drier and tackier the glue, the better they'll stick.
  5. When cleaning the lashes between wears, carefully remove old, excess glue with a pair of tweezers and wash the lashes in washing up liquid and hot water. Please note that you should never share false eyelashes or use them on different clients. However, if they are for your own personal use only, you can wear them over and over until they're no longer fit for use.
  6. Removing your false eyelashes is simple. All you need to do is slowly and carefully peel them off from the edge. However, if this isn't possible because it sounds too frightening or you've simply fastened them down well, removing them might be a little uncomfortable. Luckily there is another way. Take some oil-free makeup remover and a reusable makeup pad to loosen the glue and make it easy for you to remove the false lashes. This technique is also a good way to remove any excess glue that might still be stuck to your eyelids after wearing false lashes.
  7. Turn your synthetic lash strips into individual false lashes by cutting them into smaller sections from the seam. Separate them and cut at the seam and make them as narrow or as wide as you wish.

It's definitely worth investing in a professional set of false lashes like this set by Eylure. They're professional quality and easy to apply. While you're at it, I'd also recommend getting an eyelash applicator too, and perhaps some eyeliner stamps too.

#AD - this post is sponsored by False Lashes UK but all personal opinions are my own.