Style Tips for those Who Work from Home


Style Tips for those Who Work from Home


Style Tips for those Who Work from Home

The alarm goes off, you roll out of bed. You may fire-up your PC, turn on the coffee machine and dive straight into work. While still in your PJs. Or perhaps you incorporate a morning shower into your routine before settling into work. Oh the joys of being able to work from home! One of the many great things about working from home is that you are not going to be sanctioned for your overly casual work apparel. You can dress in comfort and stay in your nightwear if you choose, which can actually be very convenient if you’re feeling a little under the weather. But just because you can – doesn’t mean that you should!
Style Tips for those Who Work from Home
Life in the corporate world often means having to get dressed up in formal wear before struggling a commute in heels! I get it because this used to be me. More often than not, it is those who once held down a career in the corporate world that have the ability to switch between lady-like and loungewear aficionado in a flick of a hanger. When you’ve spent years waking up extra early just to factor in time for you to do your hair and make-up before your morning coffee and commute, it is no wonder you like to kick back in your comfies now that you work from home. However, if you’ve noticed that your workwear is slipping from glamorous to grunge, here are some easy and quick ways for you to take back control, leaving you looking good and feeling fabulous – as well as appropriately dressed for work.

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Dress the Part to Feel the Part

Slipping into a doctor’s uniform isn’t going to give you the capabilities to perform pioneering heart surgery if you’re not properly qualified but it will make you feel closer to the profession. One of the easiest and simplest ways to feel more motivated and self-assured as a female business owner (or any business person for that matter) is to dress in a way that would be appropriate for the job role. If you were a fitness instructor who sometimes had to demonstrate exercises to your clients, you’d never dream of wearing a skirt suit and 3 inch heels to work. So, if you’re working from home as an inspirational business coach who has everything under control – transcend that through to your personal style. You don’t have to dress up to the nines just to go and sit alone in your home office; you just have to make yourself look and feel your personal best!
Style Tips for those Who Work from Home

What to Wear When You’re Sat at Your Desk

Do I still need to dress up when I am just sat at my desk behind my computer screen? What should I wear if I am sat at my desk all day? Nothing terrible is going to happen to me if I wake up and decide to put a little effort into my appearance or not.

I’ve came to realise that on days when I feel overwhelmed or particularly challenged, these issues are far easier to overcome when I look and feel my personal best. Typing is much more enjoyable when I see pretty, polished nails and my favourite rings dancing along the keyboard. On days when I have lots to do but am feeling a little ill and sorry for myself, a quick swipe of lipstick and a dash of blusher makes me feel instantly better and in control. The same can be said for days when I feel stressed and overwhelmed – because let’s be honest, we all have days like that. I feel now as though I have really mastered the power of positive thinking and therefore haven’t suffered any “self-doubt” days for about two years now. But that’s not to say that I don’t have days when I don’t know where to start on my never-ending, complex to-do list. On these days if I were to sit down at my desk wearing my scruffy clothes with chipped nail polish, no make-up and greasy hair, I could easily fall into that trap of feeling like: “look at me, who am I to achieve this?! I don’t look like somebody successful; look at the state of me!” Yet all it takes is just a few minutes in the morning to make sure my hair looks reasonably tidy, that I am wearing an outfit that I like and am generally happy with my appearance. When I put in a little extra effort, I feel more empowered to face challenges that occur. When I am dressed for business, when I am dressed for “office time”,  I am the living, walking best version of myself!

Styling Tips for Days in the Home Office

  • Neat, pretty nails will make typing and writing assignments more pleasing on the eye. Staring down at scruffy nails will only irritate you!
  • I love wearing nice bracelets and rings on days when I have lots of typing to do. It makes staring down at my keyboard more interesting because I have beautiful jewellery to look at. Plus, it only takes seconds to put on a few pieces of hand jewellery!
  • Great sleeves are also ideal for days when you have to knuckle down and type or write all day. Or when you’re using your hands to craft. Stunning sleeve details make me feel happy!
  • You only need to spend a mere 5 minutes each day to upscale your look each morning. You might choose to invest those five minutes in your hairstyling, make-up application or a general style overhaul.
  • It is important to create a manageable style so it’s easy to recreate. Your getting ready routine shouldn’t be a style makeover, but more about elevating your natural self. If it is becoming difficult to look like yourself each morning because there’s such a lot of hard work involved, reconsider whether or not you should perhaps create a more manageable style.
  • Focus on one aspect of your style that makes you feel great: clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, nails. Whatever is “your thing”!

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