How to Style Narrated Videos


How to Style Narrated Videos


How to Style Narrated Videos

Learning how to style narrated videos is an excellent way of differentiating your video content. Let me show you how to style your voiceover videos in an effective and aesthetically-pleasing way! 

You can still provide your audience with valuable video content without always being in front of the camera. Sometimes it isn't absolutely essential to sit in front of the camera in every video that you publish. Although your audience love to see you, if video content is not something that you feel 100 per cent comfortable with, or perhaps you'd like to vary the views you film, consider narrating your videos instead.
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how to style narrated videos

2 Easy and Effective Ways to Create Amazing Narrated Videos

Today I am going to talk you through two effective ways that you can incorporate yourself physically into your videos when you're doing the voiceover. Staying consistent with your video content and branding is vital. Here are two ways that you can make your voiceover video content stylish, on-brand and informative!
If you're at home or in the office...

  1. Add your hands to the video.

Adding your hands to the video improves your content and the likelihood that your audience will connect with it because you've physically added yourself to the video. You can use your hands to demonstrate a variety of techniques, tutorials, daily habits, or behind the scenes stuff. Why not try setting your camera up to film your work space, using your hands to guide the viewer through the journey. So for e.g. you could show your audience inside your Bullet Journal. How about doing a jewellery-making tutorial? Why not show them how you make a cup of tea in your favourite mug, as you talk about what you've been up to during the day?! The list is endless. All you need to do is think about the type of content that you can create that is appropriate for your business. Incorporate elements of your brand into the shot. For e.g. subtly add in any of the products that you sell as background props. Paint your nails or wear jewellery in "on-brand" colours. Ensure that your hands are clean, presentable and  pleasing to watch. 
If you're on the move...

2. Add your feet to the video

The second strange but great tip is adding your feet to the video! This isn't going to be as effective if you're just stood in one spot, which is why it is best for days when you are out and about. Think about the people you follow on social media. Don't you just love it when they produce videos that are realistic and relatable?! While we enjoy watching perfectly curated films with professional lighting and equipment, we want to know what goes on behind the scenes. We want to see how their day is connected. Posting pictures of yourself at glamorous events is great, but vlogging as you walk along (filming your feet as you chat) helps us to connect the dots and get a feel for what goes on in your daily life. Your followers like to see where you go, what you do, the kind of surroundings in which you enjoy spending time. 
Again, you can keep this on-brand by walking along cool flooring designs. Choose surroundings that are a good match for your brand. Wear footwear in your brand colours. If you sell shoes, wear them as you're filming!