Embrace Minimalist Monochrome and Stripes for Summer


Embrace Minimalist Monochrome and Stripes for Summer


Embrace Minimalist Monochrome and Stripes for Summer

Monochrome tones and stripes for summer are ideal for keeping your summer wardrobe stylish yet simple. Even if you are a fully fledged black outfit aficionado, wearing black in the height of summer can feel a little odd. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing black in the summer time, but learning how to wear classic monochrome tones for the warmer weather will help you to differentiate your summer wardrobe from your winter wardrobe. Over recent weeks I've noticed that I've established some sort of obsession with horizontal stripes. So much so that when it's laundry time, all you see on my washing rack are stripes! But you can never have too many stripes or monochrome, right?!

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The outfits featured in this post are from Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe offers a fantastic range of white dresses, black dresses and denim shorts - which are perfect for building a monochrome or capsule wardrobe this summer!


Why Stripes Work Well for Summer

Monochrome stripes or navy and white nautical stripes are an excellent summer pattern choice for many skin tones, but especially for those from the winter colour palette. My personal skin tone falls neatly within the winter category, therefore black and white is a well suited colour combination for my complexion. It's striking, clear and vivid. Not every skin tone type can handle the crispness of pure white or the boldness of true black. This is why striped garments are a very clever alternative. Stripes are far more forgiving than wearing block colours on their own, and the chic pairing of dark and light shades make them highly wearable during the summer months.
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I spent about 10 years of my adult life wearing bright tones and patterns for spring/summer, but over the past two years I've preferred a simpler palette for my summer wardrobe. If you follow Online Personal Stylist on Instagram, you may have noticed that we love a monochrome palette. It's so versatile and easy for anyone to wear. Many stylists and fashion experts will try to advise you away from wearing black and white all of the time. However, if you're looking to streamline your wardrobe and collect a few pieces that are always sophisticated, timeless and easy to wear then a monochrome palette is the way to go. Plus, black and white are the only two colours that pretty much suit everyone - no matter what skin tone, eye colour or hair colour you have.

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How We've Been Wearing Monchrome for Summer...

If you love wearing black and white then do not let the summer months stop you from wearing your favourite tones. Although there is this idea that black should not be worn during the summer months, we disagree. Black can work really well during the warmer months. After all, a little black dress worn at cocktail hour on the beach looks even better with a summer tan! The key to wearing black or white during the summer months is to choose light, summer materials, which are suitable for the warmer weather. In addition to this, why not experiment with monochrome stripes and polka dots? Stripes and polka dots are a great way to add variation to a monochrome wardrobe without straying out of your comfort zone. 
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Top Tips on How to Wear Stripes Successfully

Horizontal or vertical stripes? How thick or thin should the stripes be? It's a little known fact that horizontal stripes will make you appear fuller, whereas vertical stripes will make you appear smaller. But you shouldn't get too hung up on this rule. An additional contributing factor to how flattering stripes will appear on you, is the spacing and size of the stripes. Narrow stripes that are closer together are more likely to highlight flaws in comparison to chunkier stripes, spaced wider apart. Additionally, stripes are less forgiving when the dominant colour is the lighter tone. It's never a good idea to mix vertical and horizontal stripes together. Bold colours look wonderful when worn with striped prints, or team your striped garment with another garment in one of the same colours.

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