Sparkle This Season with Peel-Off Glitter Nails


Sparkle This Season with Peel-Off Glitter Nails


Sparkle This Season with Peel-Off Glitter Nails

‘Tis the season to sparkle! If you love a sprinkle of glitter in your life then you will love these peel-off glitter nail polishes by Catrice. Yes, they are beautiful and glittery, but what I love most about them is that they are so easy to apply and remove. Plus, they are of course cruelty-free! If you love wearing nail polishes but hate the process of removing them when they begin to look chipped, you will love this new peel-off idea!
Catrice peel off nail polish

Peel-Off Polish

What’s most impressive about these is how they are easy to apply but instead of removing them with nail polish remover, you can simply peel them off in the same way that false nails come off. This makes their application much easier and less messy. In fact, I find it strangely therapeutic to peel off the nail polish when I want a change or when the nail varnish starts to look chipped.
Catrice peel off nail polish


This nail polish wears well. It lasts as long as a standard nail polish and doesn’t chip too easily. Although the finish is very sparkly and full of glitter, the texture is smooth so you’re unlikely to pick off the glitter in chunks.
Catrice peel off nail polish

Mixing Glitters

Mixing GlittersBecause there are a few colours in this range, it is possible to mix them to create a unique shade and finish. I currently have the pink and gold which look beautiful when worn separately or when mixed together. If you are considering mixing shades, apply one thin layer of one colour first and then layer the other colour on top when the first has dried.


Applying these peel-off nail colours isn’t at all technical or difficult. It is recommended that you apply light coats and layer them. Apply one light coat of nail polish, allow to dry and then apply a second coat.

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