Lime Crime: The Vegan Beauty Brand that Started the Unicorn Trend


Lime Crime: The Vegan Beauty Brand that Started the Unicorn Trend


Lime Crime: The Vegan Beauty Brand that Started the Unicorn Trend

Want to know who is responsible for The Unicorn trend on the internet? The unicorn trend has taken the internet, namely social media, by storm. Lime Crime is best known for its vibrant shades of vegan, cruelty-free make-up products – what’s not to love?! This brand is also where the unicorn trend began. So, if you don’t know much about this cruelty-free beauty business, read on as we take a look inside this popular animal-friendly cosmetics company.
Lime Crime
Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere – a true extrovert and make-up aficionado. What I personally love about Lime Crime is that it offers such a vast range of colours and products for a vegan brand. You’re not restricted on tones, textures or trends! So I was really interested to get Doe Deere’s inside thoughts and knowledge on how she created such an incredible cosmetics line and why we are all obsessed with glitter and unicorn brands.

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Why are We Currently Obsessed with Unicorns and Cult Brands?

Lime Crime believes that to be a cult brand, you must be unique. There is so much glitter and brightly coloured make-up products on the beauty market at the moment, which Lime Crime’s founder thinks is excellent! She says: “I honestly think it’s to do with this amazing age of self-expression. Social media is leading the trend and everyone now realises that we don’t have to conform. Being different is actually awesome. We focus a lot on unicorns because they are unique and the brand is all about owning your difference.”
Lime Crime

Make-up Palettes Have Risen in Popularity Over the Past Few Years, Why Do You Think This Is?

Lime Crime's “Pocket Candy Palette” went crazy on Instagram, so what goes into making a hit palette? Doe Deere/Lime Crime founder says: “First of all, there are so many different colours, which means you get to tell a story with one box and that’s inspiring. We look at our palettes in terms of stories.” She went on to explain that make-up palettes are usually focused on a specific look. Have you ever noticed just how well the colours on any given palette are always very well coordinated? This is because the make-up brands creating your favourite palettes know better than to just give you a palette full of random tones. Some palettes are created for daily wear, others are slightly more bright and eccentric. Combined with attractive packaging, a palette can be used to communicate a specific story in a fun and creative way.
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 Lime Crime

The Year of the Unicorn…and Ultraviolet

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018 is violet, which really suits Lime Crime as a brand. “As a unicorn-inspired brand (well known for their unique “Unicorn Lipsticks”), incorporating different shades of lilacs, lavenders and violets into their product line is a great way to embrace this year’s trending tone while staying authentic. The Venus III palette is a quirky, feminine collection of different shades of purples, including violet.”
Lime Crime

Finally, What Tips Would You Give to Anybody Who Would Like to Incorporate More Colour Into Their Make-up Looks?

Doe Deere’s advice is to try out new looks at home first. If you’re thinking of exploring a bold eyeshadow or a bright lipstick colour, experiment in the comfort of your own home before venturing outside where the prospect of doing so feels more unfamiliar. Doe Deere says: “The thing with wearing colour is it sends out a message that you aren’t a wallflower. You project that confidence, and that’s a good thing!”

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